Monday, 12 October 2009

Speed bumps, drifting and pedestrian crossing...

Contributed by Ad, a resident of PG.

Back to the suggestion of putting speed bump in the multi-storey car park, I think there is really a need to have that especially going up slope and down slope. I saw a lady driver speeding ~40km/hr going up to slope to level C parking with no sign of breaking. Until she making the turning at level C she suddenly break hardly because of another car trying to reverse out from the parking slot next to the turning. Imagine if she didn’t release the car reversing or someone walking down the slope, what is the damage?

I’m not sure whether she rushing for time or not, but it’s dangerous.

Sometime you also find drivers tend to speed up when going down slope to level A parking, not sure whether they want to experience ‘roller-coaster’ way of driving... :)

But, obviously putting speed bump is not an effective solution to tackle small group of drivers who like performing ‘drifting’ when going up or down slope of multilevel parking. Indeed it may create in convenience to those who always obeying the rule... maybe more complain will raise... But, let see what the best solution to overcome this issue.

If you happen driving to Queensbay-Mall parking you may see speed bump at the end of the slope that prevent people speeding (if not mistaken), not sure whether it will benefit to PG.

On another thought, is our management intending to create pedestrian walking path at the ‘Dato Kong’ side to give way for residents to walk from parking lot back to building A or B with minimum risk of knocking by fast car? Maybe opening the gate at the play-ground and make a pedestrian walking path connected to the motorbike parking next to block A.

Just a wild thought…


  1. Hi Ad,

    Nice ranting, Ad. Believe me, I have seen my share of PG drivers whacking the multi-storey pillars.

    A few years ago, I actually witnessed a lady driver driving up the multi-storey slope very fast and she lost control as she turn to the right. Instead of breaking, she accelerated and banged the pillar so hard that her bumper fell out, rather 10% of it was still hanging on to the car.

    She was a cool cat, she just reversed and continued driving to her parking lot....

    Like you said, what if someone was there instead of the pillar??? Surely, 2 broken legs and probably a few ribs too....

  2. i still prefer to put bump, to let others slow down their ride speed