Monday, 26 October 2009

No U Turn Sign Approved !!

Ok, it finally came. Remember the request for a No U Turn sign in front of the entrance of Pearl Garden? It has been approved by JKR and they will fix the sign up as soon as possible because they recognized the danger, especially to school children.


  1. Hi, good job and thanks Jimmy.

    Coz this morning i met up with a school bus when i went for work.. have to wait him get U turn, sigh!

    Hopefully can have the sign soon!

    take care,

  2. Hi J,

    No problem bro..hopefully you don't have to encounter the buses anymore.....

  3. wah, so fast to reply.. thought u r busy these few days...

    tomorrow u suggest karaoke, but seem like no one reply wor... then how?

  4. No to worry la...if no one, LT and I sing for you all ok? If free, drop by la..just get together and talk nonsense only...

  5. Jimmy, good job for everyone safety. Never expect they (JKR) response so fast.
    Any reason the space area in front of guard house been block? Kind of trouble for me to U-turn, as I normall drop my wife and then go to opposite side to park my car.


  6. TT,

    Yes, JKR and MPPP is very fast nowadays. Especially MPPP, YDP Tan Cheng Chui is a fan of mine.

    Good question. Before the place was "chained up", people has been using that space as a temporary parking area, but sometimes the "temporary" can last until several hours. These people also includes the security guards too.

    Their supervisor parked his car there so that he can watch his car while he is in the security booth.

    So, people complained it is difficult to U Turn (like you mentioned). And I think it is a valid complain which the MC thought that I am the one who is only making a big fuss over it.

    Anyway, to cut the story short, the MC who holding the security portfolio decided that it is best to "chain up" the area so that no one can use it. So, problem solved!! How silly!!!

    It is about enforcement, if someone park there, the security guards are supposed to tell those concerned not to park simple...

    To my opinion, it is a form of retaliation, if so much complain, seal the place up so no one can use it. Lame....

    Does that answer your question, TT?

  7. We have abundance of talent and so much quality in our MC decision making. Probably we all are oblivious to the effectiveness of the implementation. If you continue to voice out, the MC will use our $$$ to hire a backhoe [excavator] and remove that piece of land space permanently and that will solve the problem once and for all. e.g.
    • If there is a complaint that somebody is climbing the trees inside PG, our MC will use our $$$ to hire some woodcutters and chop down all the trees in PG.
    • If there is a complaint that somebody is sitting on the newly round curbs of the coconut trees, our MC will use our $$$ to hire some contractors to put shit or nails there to prevent people from sitting or may just remove the curbs altogether .
    • If there is a complaint that outsider is using our swimming pool, our MC will use our $$$ to hire some contractors to cover up the pool and build a palace there for their very productive weekly meeting.
    • If all of us suggest painting the club-house white but our MC wants it to be pink. What colour do you think the Club-house will end up with?

    Really, there is nothing anyone of us can do about it. You can write in to complaint, so what???
    Hmm… unless something logical happens in the next AGM ………please attend in droves and vote for CAT!!!


  8. Hey Jimmy

    Good job about the U turn and making such an effort to make the place safer
    Didn't know that there is a Karaoke set there
    What is the process to use it? Is it free? Do share some details so more residents can make use of it... my wife as an example

  9. Soli, read the article slow.. so yesterday karaoke on bor? how was that?

    soli, just came back.


  10. Ping,

    Got la..LT sang alot of Teresa Teng's songs...anyway just the two of us...I thought J wanted to join us but I think he is you keen for a sing along? Bring your own DVD ok?

  11. I also cannot believe the MC make the decision to "chained up" the space in front of guard house. All these years, I don't really seem much people park there, except the Security Kana is doing that, and now Kana had being warned not to do so, and we got the space to be "chained". Isn't the security guard responsibility to ensure no one is parking there, since they just sit infornt of the guard house, if they can not even manage that, we should raise the concern of their capability, or change security company. Is true, if someone want to make U turn after dropping people is very difficult.


  12. Hi Jimmy, Thank you for your explaination. :)

    "what a great idea to 'seal' that area!". sign! :(


  13. OSK - Yes lor..if they cannot even control the "offense" right in front of them, what is the point?

    TT - So, it is very convenient for people to chain up the area because they thought they have the solution, but in fact, it caused inconvenient to the residents. I think Cat's examples are very possible in the future...LOL

  14. Aiyah, i am not shy la.. just that evening i need to wait for my friend. She is getting new pet (sugar glider) and wanted to show me..

    Just noticed sugar glider only active on evening session..

    i just remembered that karaoke session when i met u in our lobby..

    anyway, we can have another karaoke session again when we are free on evening.....i surely join u all.

    take care

  15. J,

    What's a sugar glider? Some kind of bat? Anyway, I will check it out via the internet. Ok, we can get together soon. By the way, I will be in China the whole of next week.

  16. All,
    If you disagree to the chaining of the U-turn space, you must lodge a complaint at management office. Otherwise MC will tell you majority of residents approved their "smart" action. All must make an effort to wake up the MCs.
    By the way, do you know that the guards can't even take care of their tables at the lobbies. Both got glue poured on them and the one at block A was crashed into pieces. Think again if they can take care of residents' properties!!!

  17. KPC,

    What?? Glued? Ah..revenge from those car owners??

  18. Yes, u can get via internet..

    sugar glider actually is wild animal in australia, pupua new guenea area.. and living on tree.
    Becoz they need to jump from tree to tree, thats why they body got a thin membrane from the front leg till the back leg (called patagium if i am not mistaken). So when they jump from top tree to another lower tree, they will open their body and being like parachuete and really looks like bat.

    U need to have licience when u feed in australia. But nowadays, ppl getting licience and bring back here and breed and started to treat them as a house pet. Very small body with longer tail, gray black white color and pinky nose..

    becoz it bcomes as house pet, therefore the character also changed from wild to be more calm... only have one slice of epal per few days, they only take sweet food and epal will do. Sleep at day time and only active on evening. They also call pocket pet, as u can let them stay in your pocket by day time coz they sleep at day time. so easy to carry.

    They are very friendly with the owner. They recognise the owner by smell the owner odor. So if u are not the owner and u want to play with him, be watch out that it may pee on u, haha...

    roughly the explanation of sugar glider. now market price is about RM230 to RM250 each.

    Interested to have one?

  19. Brandon,

    The Karaoke "Room" is located next to the management office. I think you have to book the room (or unit) with the management office. I heard from LT that it is for the residents, but let me give a preview of the karaoke set. Don't expect 40 inch LCD or Sony Home Theater system, it is an unknown brand which cost "us" RM 2000. But the sound seems decent, but I would not pay for that price for such a set.

    One more thing, bring your mike and your karaoke DVD.

  20. This morning (Oct 30), around 7am I believe Mr Kana parked his little Kelisa in front of guard house again. On my way out, I saw the car. I hope I’m not mistakenly judged that is his car because I remember someone mentioned his car is a Kelisa. Unfortunately, I didn’t jot down the car number to proof.
    If… the car is really belonging to him… well, does it mean double, triple standard… arch, sick to talk about that already.

    Yes, our ‘homeland – PG’ security responsibility is look after our resident safety, security and right, even I think they must responsibility to look after our entrance to ensure no congestion which caused by illegal parking. But, are they doing good job??? I don’t know.

    I believe we have tons of evidences to make complaints and judge their performance in managing illegal parking (the recent example is during Depavali, there were 3 cars parking at our main entrance outside guard house for > 3-4 hrs or more?).

    On the other hand, they may come out will tons of reasons to defense their performances… like:
    1. Maybe they think that it’s not their job scope to ask people removing the cars from parking at that location.

    2. Maybe they claim they cannot see the car parking there because they closed the side door or guard house (by closing the door which will make them more secure) of that blocking their view in observing illegal parking...

    3. Maybe they think that their security head is an illegal parking king, what for have to invite trouble of correcting him or others...

    4. Maybe they will think that it’s none of their business, they are not impacted by the congestion anyway...

    Sorry ya... I’m being too emotional this morning...
    Friday should be a better day... cheers...

    Thanks, ad

  21. Hi Ad, must be my lucky stars. It is good that one of you guys saw the car parked near the "forbidden area" chained with yellow plastic chain. I saw the car too and some one was sleeping inside the car this morning and the number of the car is 3978 (morning morning my eyes still cannot focus, but I think it is correct la).

    If I complained earlier than Ad (refer to above comment)in the blog, sure the MCs will again make the conclusion that I am the one who has the grudge with security guards again and trying for "stir shit" in their rice bowl.

    Not so la..if the regulation is not to park the car there, then that should be it, period!

    Why? The security guards are afraid of some one scratching their cars ah?

  22. Hey J,

    Wow…you really do like pets uh? Do you intend to keep a sugar glider too…uh?

    Well…I too have a pet that was given to me by my parents when I was born. I do not know how much it cost but it is priceless to me. It is a Sugar Rider and I name it Mike.
    It will always be as old as I am and it goes where ever I go, probably, that’s the reason I do not attend the Karaoke session. My lady friends like to hold Mike when they sing. Hmmm…they really have wonderful times with Mike.

    Anyone of you would like to know Mike? I have no choice but will show Mike to our MC if they want to know whether I am keeping any pets….*sigh*

    Hey Jimmy....can you put a pic of the Sugar Rider here to show our MC? Just in case they do not know what it looks like.


  23. Cat, Mike does not look like that la...wanna scare my wife meh?? LOL

  24. I decide not to have one coz i already busy with my baby fish...

    anyway, if you really want to take a real look at sugar glider, currently, Chew Thean Yang got 2 as i saw them on last week, cost RM230 each, and blue ocean, pet shop in sunway tunas also got one, with same price.

    Wish everyone have a nice weekend!

  25. Hi J,

    No la..just studying the nature of the creature. I came to know that they urinate quite frequently, especially in the morning and sometimes they bark and crab when annoyed.

  26. That i am not so sure as i dont have any sugar glider with me, but according to my friend, we can train them.. and after few weeks of getting together with them, we can notice when they want to urinate by their behavour...

    they can bark, only under depressed or scared.

  27. Jimmy,
    This morning at 6.50am I saw the Kelisa parked there again. The number plate is PFS 3978. The MCs must be blind for not seeing this.

  28. KPC,

    You saw also ah? Me too, this morning I drove to the airport and saw the car there area. MCs still sleeping la..

  29. yesterday night also larr. i saw it from my kitchen. sien larr.