Thursday, 15 October 2009

Reply from JKR for No U Turn Sign

Remember the No U Turn request which I made a week ago? The case is being looked at by the related government agencies and an investigation is being done to evaluate the need of No U Turn sign. I have received a reply (official letter) from the state government and JKR yesterday indicating the steps of the evaluation and investigation to be carried out. All spelled out in black and white!

Just one week and they got back to me so fast, taking into consideration that it is a government agency that we are talking about here. You log into PINTAS (internet) and make your complain, no delays and no more "tidak apa" attitude.

Our management office should be better and faster in responding residents' complains since it is just less than 100 meters from where the complains are coming from. Oh, and one more thing, the government body does not discriminate if the complains are coming from those who voted for them or not.

Maybe PG management is moving towards "entertaining" complains from owners only and not tenants. If my observation is correct, that's discrimination!


  1. Now Pg State Government practices CAT values to serve but not sure about the other type of state government.
    Discrimination???...who do you think can help you to overcome this???
    Hmmm….heard that the PG management only “entertains” the MC and not even the owners, let alone the tenants.


  2. Jimmy, Well, there are significant improvement in the PKR run govt agency. It is worst our supports given during 308. As I commented earlier, we can also request of barrier posts along the road 30' to PG junction so that those no brian drivers will not park their cars there. These parked cars block the view of on coming traffic from school side. It is very dangerous for cars going out to main road. LT

  3. Hi everyone,
    Just wanna share and highlight something here.

    1. Noticed block A main entry guard desk already damaged and since then, seldom see guard sitting there already... meaning no desk no man? or desk not yet come?

    2. Last saturday I attended the briefing of security card. And also just now view the notice board. Maybe our mgt team should consider to have bi-language (english and chinese) for the notice, coz some old resident may not understand english.
    I understand some may not really good in chinese.. but just a suggestion.

    Happy sunday,

  4. Hi J,

    Good suggestion, but please write in the suggestion to management office. Don't keep your hope too high that they will look into it.

  5. Hi LT,

    That poles to deter parking at the main road are included in the letter too.

  6. Hello All,
    I have requested mgt office to prepare a notice in 4 lingo for instructions to use the lift intercom. This is necessary because of safety concern. I would suggest all parents also train/explain to their children on this. LT