Sunday, 4 October 2009

No U Turn Sign...Good or Bad?

I was thinking the other day about getting the authorities to put up the No U Turn sign to deter or at least reduce the accident rate in front of Pearl Garden entrance. Recently, there was accident between a bus and a Honda Civic owned by the SASA Security boss. The bus driver had to pay RM 300.00 after being "harassed" by our security guards. Any way, I personally think that both drivers are in the wrong, one parked at the side of the main road (illegal) and the other made a U Turn at a restricted area (also illegal).

By getting the No U Turn sign, it will also create another big issue like prohibiting car owners from parking at the side main road (99.99% car owners from Pearl Garden).

If the "No U Turn" signage is up, I am sure it will also attract policemen to issue summon to those Pearl Garden car owners. But I guess, if we want to see less accidents, such policing method will have a toll on the residents. What do you guys think?

Should I pursue this further to get the No U Turn sign from the state government?


  1. Jimmy, A wrong is still a wrong even if PG residents are involved. These cars just park right until the entrance and put our drivers going out in great danger because the view is blocked by the parked cars. I saw in other condos, there are traffic poles along and around the entrace. I was told these were provided by MPPP free. Please go ahead and request. I support your kind deed. LT

  2. dear Jimmy,

    for the sick of safetty, i support this move although there is foresee disadvantage to us who are parking on the road side.


  3. I support this as well. Safety is always more important comparing to convenience. Just sad to see that even the teachers from the secondary school next door are doing the U-turn. MH

  4. Hi MH,

    So, you see how can such teachers teach the students properly. Leader by example?

  5. Jimmy & MH, The teachers are still not that bad. Do you know that big school bus & bas kilang used PG's entrance to do U-turn becos they can't do it like cars. LT

  6. Dear all,

    The complain to PINTAS has been made for the No U Turn sign. So, let's wait for their call.

  7. Dear Jimmy,

    thanks for the great help on posting this to PINTAS.

    by the way, is there a plan from our management to widen our main road entrance?

    thanks, ad

  8. Hi everyone, previously i occasionally meet up school bus make U turn when i want to go to work at bout 6:50am... I really hate this coz big size blocks all the view and somemore took longer time for them to make U turn..
    therefore, now i always get out to work after 7am.. so that my mood is still good while driving.. hehe...