Thursday, 29 October 2009

Make the Security Booth smoke free

I noticed our security guards (2 of them) smoking like a chimney inside the security booth via the CCTV this evening. I think with the investment in the latest security system which cost more RM 100K and some fancy LCDs inside the booth, one should ban smoking inside the security booth as it may cause fire with the slightest mistake, cigarette butts have been the main culprit when fire is concerned.

And moreover, we don't need two security guards smoking at the same time, don't we, which brings me to my next question, who is doing their rounds? And don't you think that the security guards should refrain from smoking while on duty?


  1. Hi Jimmy:

    Talking about security.....
    I notice that at times they try to show who is the boss.
    One case that i saw: They purposely take their own sweet time to slowly open the barrier, to the van that ferrying kids to school (Notice that the van driver is also didn't show friendliness to the security)
    I did agree this group is the better one than last time. But they should know what is right and what is wrong.
    And we are the boss.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi RW,

    Thanks for the observation. This afternoon I called up the management office complaining about a car parked new the security booth. The parked car caused a congestion at the entrance as residents were returning from work (half day).

    Our securities just cannot learn....

  3. Hi Jimmy:

    Yes, they never learn and never do their job well. Area around the entrance should be strictly no parking.
    Also, for those that are close to the security, the car is 'safe' from being stick non parking warning.
    Tat day i say 1 lady, she park less than 10 mins infront of block C(beside bike parking bay), yet she kena.
    The rules must be the same.

  4. RW,

    The car got put on the hazard lights or not? This morning when I went to the airport, the security guard's Kelisa was parked at the "yellow cahin" area again. KNN.

  5. hi Jimmy,

    Yes... I noticed that as well at 6.30am on Sunday Morning...
    Well, same incident happened on yesterday (Sunday Nov 1) night as well where the Kelisa parking at the "yellow chain" again.
    I took the picture and i can send to you for reporting purpose... Car number: PFE 3978.

    We have sturborn and bossy security head who didn't showed good example, we have right to sack them right... what does our MC said??? keep quiet and listen to them again???

    Or shall we stick the no parking sticker on that Kelisa???

    Shall we repaint the yellow line to aware no parking???

    Shall we put up the no parking sign and warning at the entrance???

    what shall we do???

    Sit back & relax!!! :)

    thanks, ad

  6. Like some one commented, if we felt that it is wrong, than we have to make an official complain to the management office officially because the management office chose to shut both eyes on this matter and MCs too.

  7. Jimmy, I agreed with you...

    i just cannot understand why our management office & MCs choose the reactive way in managing Pearl Garden... "if you put up official complain then i'll entertain, if not, sorry i cannot hear you".

    why they are not open themself to hear & read from the blog, from phone call, from conversation???
    Why only need the black & white only look into the issue???

    does it mean if we encountered incidents like touch wood and cross finger these will not happened) --> landslide, wall cracking, stair case collapse, falling tree (, then we have to write down the official complain the they will take sweet time to acknowledge and look into the issue?

    [here is some example... if you happened to walk through from Block B to guard house, you will notice the rain gutters (next to kitchen & master bedroom) are in loose contact to the wall, the security fasterner were broken long time ago. when there is strong wind blowing, you will see the gutter swinging right and left and there is tendency of breaking and fallign down...
    Similar to the rain gutter at Block B as well, but it is at the side of unit 1. there is water splashing down after rain & when it goes with wind direction...]

    Being a MC, being a management officer, do they request us to feedback this observation to them??? no doubt it will ease them in notifying the issue, but shall they perform the due-dilligent job to perform such safety awareness inspection to acknowledge the problem???

    this is same to the illegal parking... do they expect everyone of us to log in complain to car owner of the Kelisa, then they only will take action?
    if yes, tell us... then we can gang up and log in the complain to management office... by doing this, wil lthey feel satisfaction?

    another issue about the no-parking sticker... can they be more proactive to call the car owner to remove the illegal parked car with no hazard light, parked at the yellow box, parked more than 30 mins rahter than putting the no-parking sticker???
    since the management have a record of our car number plate and the owners from respective units, shouldn't they utilize this facility rather than sticker which never create awareness to certain stubborn car owner???

    the no-parking sticker is obviously became a trash later on where the car owners will simply tear it off and throw on the floor. it will create more rubbish to PG. do they think about green environment???

    okie... i complain too much again...
    anyhow, i still love to stay in PG.

    thanks, ad

  8. Hi Jimmy:
    The hazard lights? not sure, most probably have.
    Anyway, the security should write down the car number, after 30 mins then stict the no packing sticker, then that is fair.
    The security also should keep an eyes at the swimming pool. There are kids who didn't know how to swim well but go to the adult pool.
    There are also some kids who mess up the area, play around with the water dispenser.
    It really irritate me

  9. Ad,

    One of the best comments I have received..bravo for voicing out. You have the right, you know?

  10. thanks Jimmy...
    i hope we are not discourage from all the complaints that we made so far. i hope MC/management is not purposely going to identify who is RW, J, cat, JJ, KNN, tt, Ping, OSK, KPC, ed, ad... to give verbal warning of not contribute the noise at Jimmy’s blog anymore. :)

    if possible, i hope the complains can turn to positive action item and help our management team in driving more effective processes in addressing issues like illegal parking inside & outside PG, visitor car park, theft cases, enhancing sport facilities (tennis court resurface or conversion to basketball court), no-U-turn in front of PG, cleanliness program, building & compound safety inspection, enforcing pet rear rule… with an ultimate goal of making PG a wonderful, peaceful & harmony place to stay.

    you know... when I walked to car park this morning, I saw dog’s ‘poo-poo’ (shit) at the playground (next to the tunnel). i didn’t take photo as evidence… not sure we can ask management to review back the recorded video from yesterday or day before to identify the dog owner and educate them hardly if they are staying at PG. this is not the first time though… i try to guess whether it’s from stray dog, but I didn’t heart any complain about the stray dog anymore.

    MC, if you read this, i believe there is job that we need to do more in enforcing the rule of dog rearing in PG since you have the list of dog owner from each block (action item from previous . please help...

    thanks, ad

  11. Ad,

    Well said, the sole purpose of the blog is to improve the living conditions of the residents and also a venue for residents to voice out the opinions freely with fear or favour...So, IF THE MCs are reading this, please rewind the recording and do look into the dog shitting in the mentioned area...

  12. Jimmy & all,
    I heard that one resident who is a Director in Dell was taken away in a Polis car because of some tiff with Security. Security is the boss in PG now. Unless residents who commented in this blog do play our roles and lodge our official complaints, MC will pretend there is no problem. We can then press on for a meeting with MC Chairman and demand a explanation. He must answer for MC or we can sack all MCs. We have to show who is the boss. Maybe Jimmy can co-ordinate and compile all complaints & help to set up the meeting. KPC

  13. KPC,

    Wah..serious ah? What is the case?

  14. Hello KPC or whoever in the know,

    Please enlighten the issue and the subsequent offense, if any.

    Logically, it doesn’t matter whether the person is a director or a jobless bum; no one is going to be taken in by the police because of a tiff unless one party is threatened with harm or there is physical injury.

    If it is only a tiff, does it mean that we must now start reporting to the police whenever there is an argument amongst the management, MC, Security or our fellow residents? If this reasoning holds true and if it is not a crap, I don’t know what is!!!!


  15. I think the issue here is not a simple as a tiff with the security team. I assume there were act of threats or insults, but like Cat mentioned, lets understand the situation first.

    I want to if such action (reporting to police) was discussed with the management or MCs before it was done...

    I have the opinion that it should be discussed unless it is life threatening situation. Don't you think MCs should also look into getting a solution for both parties? Don't you think MCs should be representing the residents to find a solution?

    Now, what can we do when the MC cannot represent us but act like a feudal lord???? Answer anyone???


  17. Jimmy/Cat,

    It is just a show of power and how well one is connected.

    Cat, You should be sleeping during the day and work hard at night to catch the tikus. Until now you still not awaken! MC is fuedal lord to residents only becos you elected them. They are bo-lam-pha when security is concerned! Security control MC. Don't you realise?

    Jimmy, want to do a investigating story? I heard his wife was at mgt office complaining. Poor lady does not know it is useless.


  18. i believe not all MC behave like a feudal lord... at least our brother LT has contributed a lot to PG.

    no doubt that this batch of security better from last time, but somehow they are lacking of professionalism as a security guard. some of them really give a impression of 'gangster'...
    have you seen a security guard unbuckled his uniform when on duty???
    also, when i saw the security guard holding a baton and chasing the bus driver when accident happened on his boss's car. i have bad impression on some of them.

    we don't need to show them who the boss is, but we have right to let them know they are working in PG, they own sole responsibility and due-diligent to take care of our resident right and make sure the security in PG is well managed.

    with regards to our MC, we may choose to rank the high performance MC to continue their duty while sack those we think can be replaceable... hence Jimmy, cat or someone... please get prepare yourself to help us.

    thanks, ad