Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Poor Wiring Conduit..Penang FON?

One of our residents complained about the shitty wiring conduit being installed by a contractor. He suspected the work of Penang Fon. Can GE Tan verify? Below is the email from our resident, Albert.

Hi Jimmy,
Apologize for my sudden approach. My name is Albert and I am the resident of Pearl Garden. I have been visiting your blog now and then. I must say this is a very efficient way to get information of what is happening in our neighbourhood. Your effort is very much appreciated.
Today, 20th Oct 2009, when I got back from work, I realized that there is a new wiring conduit running right in front of my unit to my neighbour's unit. Fyi, I am staying in the intermediate unit. The wiring conduit installation was very badly done. My initial suspicion was the wiring could be used for PenangFON. However, the wiring conduit was really a crappy work if we compare to the CCTV installed at the groundfloor of each block
I am not sure if we could get the Penang FON guy to improve the conduit installation so that I do not see such bad installation everytime i open my front door.

Attached are the photos of the conduit installation. Could you pls advice what could I do?


  1. Hi Albert,

    Thank you for feedback. By the looks of it, the workmanship really sucks. Ok, I will put these photos up and put your email contents as a
    new blog post. Basically, GE Tan has been pretty slow when come to solving residents' complains. I have sent 3 official complains weeks ago, but until now no news whatsoever.

    Look, we will do it this way. Please make an official complain to management office (fill up the form) and quote the title of the blog
    post as a reference as your photos will be published there.

    Please indicate your unit so that essential details are available for GE Tan to resolve the problem.

    And to answer whether you should demand for a better job from the installer, of course you are entitle to that !!

    Best regards,
    Jimmy Leow

  2. Hi Jimmy,

    That's blazing fast. If you run for ADUN for next GE, my vote will be with you.
    I will log an official complain to the management.

    Thanks alot

  3. Hi Albert,

    Just wanna check with you if your problem is solved. Updates please. Thanks.

  4. Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for asking. I waited for 1week and there is no reply from management. So I called the management yesterday. They told me that they have taken a look at the conduit. They say they will call up PenangFON to rectify the issue. I will wait for another week and see if they have done anything.
    Will keep you updated

  5. Jimmy,

    I have waited for a week and there is no reply from management. I called them on Friday and they said they have check on the wiring conduit. They will contact PenangFON contractor to rectify the problem. Will keep you posted.


  6. Hi Albert,

    One week for management to reply is a miracle. My experience is I NEVER got a reply. Like you, I follow up and even approach the respective MC, still no solution.

    You know what they will do if we don’t pay the RM135 on time???? Other then the 10% interest, the instruction from the MC is to block us from entering PG, using the facilities and using our $$$ to send us legal letters!!!!!

    And what can we do if the management and MC do not perform????

    Albert, would you like to suggest the corrective action???


  7. I see some difference today on the wiring conduit. You can call it a rectification. At least it is not as bad as before but it still looks shabby. What can I say. Have to live with it. I have sent an updated picture to you.


  8. Hi Albert,

    I have yet to receive the new photo. Well, I guess you can still pursue the case until you are satisfied...it is your right..exercise it.