Friday, 20 February 2009

What A Let Down….

I was looking forward to a fun filled evening with my family and was very eager to see the 4 “lions” fighting to reach the top of the 6m podium. It was not as crowded as I would expect, but at 7.30pm the larger section of the crowd was enjoying the mini concert featuring traditional dances, while the other portion was gathering at the “ring side” where the 4 “lions” will trash it out like in the movie.

And there was the fortune well where well wishers threw oranges into it, hoping that their wishes will be granted. The other set back was, the whole structure fell apart and came crashing down. (See the before and after photo). I hope no one was injured….

We waited until 9.15pm and still nothing happened..One of the Rela guys told us that the “fight” will only start at 10.30pm….What??? I mean there were let so many people waiting for this event, and there was practically no other events..
I was dissappointed, my family was dissappointed, we came home empty handed and no photos to share…..I hope the next event on the 9th Feb 2009, will be much better…let’s hope.

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