Saturday, 21 February 2009

Rubbish at parking roof top…

During most of our festive seasons, playing with fireworks are the kids’ favourite event and to some grown ups too. It is always important to supervise these events as there were incidents fireworks rocketted into homes and caused fire (not here in Pearl Garden, well not yet at least).

It is also very important that after the fun and all, the empty firework shells are collected and thrown away into the rubbish bins. We have to practice such simple common sense, don’t leave your rubbish for some else to pick up. Would you pick up theirs? I am closing the poll for "What are the rubbish discard by others near your area?"
50% - cigarette butts
25% - tissue paper
25% - plastic bag


  1. Adult play an important role on this matter. They should educate their children on this.
    Base on your poll, all the rubbish is thrown by adult. They must understand that they are living in a community. Cleanliness create healthy community.

  2. Yes, 100% agree with you. You will also notice that used tissue paper are everywhere near the car washing area. People just unload their rubbish everuwhere except into the rubbish bin. By the way, there is a big rubbish bin there, but nobody is using it.