Thursday, 25 June 2009

Vandalism At Large

A resident by the name of Vincent sent these photos to me. It clearly showed deep scratches on the side of the car done by irresponsible individuals. It must be a painful experience for Vincent (and the car too) as he kept these photos since 2008.


  1. I am trying to find out more about the vandalism.
    i.e. Where did Vincent park his car? Did he park his car properly in the box?
    I found that a lot of car owners just simply park their car and never think of the space for the car next to them.

  2. Dear Vincent,

    I assume that it happened when you parked your car inside PG.
    One of the reasons is stated by anonymous. Also, could be IF (I say IF) when you parked inconsiderately (unintentionally) offending others (read Jimmy’s posting on “Clamp the cars!!!”). It could also be one of the ways our own guards is trying to stop you from repeating this parking habit when under pressure from MC to enforce the rule. If this is the case, hope LT will inform the Guards, the present ones as well as the future ones not to use this tactic.

    umm….maybe, just maybe, you must be a very good looking guy and a lady must have a crush on you and doing this to get your attention, since you “no-eye-see-her” also, hope it’s not the doing of “along”….lol (no offense – meant as a joke).

    Anyway, any body could have done this, with or without reason, whether you parked your car inside or outside PG.
    It’s a matter of at the wrong place, wrong time. Not by being condescending, vandals are usually sub-human, brain-dead shit eater cowards. Hope none is in PG.

    Yaaaa… life sucks and it screws us sometimes, but that is how it goes.


  3. Hello,

    Wah, you know so much about Vincent ah? By the way, Ed told me today that MPPP started their rounds of summons again. This time, the cars parked at the main road were slapped with a "bak kua". Not sure how many cars kena, but lets make this very clear, it is not my doing..

  4. Hi!
    There are many cases where people just park the car and never check whether it is close to the packing line within the box.
    But i always believe in tolerance. Thee car next to me is doing it for months/years, yet everytime i just park and create some space for both.
    And i always believe, if you did bad, people will do the same back to you.

  5. RW,

    Yes you are right. Tolerance and empathy is the traits of a good neighbour.
    As long as the person park within the lines, there is nothing wrong.
    If the person’s parking bay is a centre lot, then he/she when park nearer to your bay may be giving leeway to the person on the other side who happens to park nearer to his/her bay, unless the person’s parking bay is a corner one.
    However, are you and the person on friendly terms?
    Have you tried talking to the person? If yes, what is his or her response?


  6. I think I may be the one that RW was talking about. Frequently, I have to park closer to the line on the right because my 'good' neighbour at the other side tends to park closer to me (I don't know why may be my box looks handsome/pretty). Due to this, I need to keep some distance from my neighbour as they always slam their door on mine. Pity my door that full of scratches.
    But I will take extra care when open my door as I am not that brainless and well educated by my parent.

  7. Hi everyone,

    Firstly, many thanks to Jimmy for posting this up.

    And regarding the space, yes, I do park properly and leave ample space for the next guy to come out. I mean if someone did have a problem with me, I'd expect them to come to me and express themselves rather than do what a caveman would do. Anyways I am on friendly terms with my carpark neighbour, so definitely no problems there :)

    Cat, to answer your question, yes this did happen inside PG, in the multi-storey and my carpark lot is a "corner lot" with a beam next to it. And I doubt this would be a woman's work, as I ain't good looking and neither can a woman exert such strength to scratch some of the paint primer out ;)