Monday, 8 June 2009

Death Just A Leap Away

While walking to the parking lot, I saw these kids venturing out side the fence of the tennis court. I nearly shit in my pants and told them to move back slowly to where they came from. One false move and they will fall to the ground. It is approximately a 60 feet fall and I don't think they could survive the fall. Please know where your kids are playing, it may just save their lives.

Please lock the doors leading to the rooftop. I know it is inconvenient to freely access to the tennis courts, but what is a little bit of inconvenience compared to kids falling off the roof top.


  1. hi!
    Thanks Jimmy.
    i am shocked with this info.
    the kids should be big enough to know it is very danger to do this.
    this info should be make known in the notice board
    With regards,

  2. Hi RW,

    Yes, it is shocking to know that the kids can easily access to that part of the fence. I heard that the management office has locked the door leading to the roof top after receiving this news and video.

  3. Hi Leow,

    thanks that you notice this. yes, the management should lock the door. besides, maybe you can print a picture of this 3 kids and paste it at the notice board there, so all the parents will be highlighted and alert.

    again, thanks Leow for highlighting this before anything happen.


  4. Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the comment. During the incident, the little girl in the video had the cheek to shout back at me, "Who are you!". I did not answer back because that would ignite a panic among themselves and may cause them to run or fall. Well, kids are kids, but the parents should teach them proper.

  5. Ed,

    And I will try to print the photo too.

  6. Hi MC Members,

    Maybe the best way to let the residents know about this is to put up a notice and inform all to log into the blog. Get them to watch the video, that is more effective. I tried to print the photo from the video but it is very blur.

  7. Hi everyone,
    If those kids are resident here, then we should know whose children, right? anyone know about it?

  8. I hope we get in touch with the parents as soon as possible. BTW, the management has locked the doors leading to the rooftop.

  9. Maybe the kids are not PG's resident as recently I can see that some strangers are using our swimming pool. They were coming from the direction of guard house with bag and that's why I am suspecting.

    Same to the kids in the video. They MIGHT be outsiders.

  10. Hi,

    Yes, this evening I came to know from the MC that the little girl is staying at block C and the other two may be outsiders.

    I also noticed squash players from outside too. It looks like the facilities of ours are being utilized by strangers. The earlier the CCTV security system is implemented the better.

  11. hi Jimmy,

    But in the first place how come the squash can be played by outsider? They must have the resident card in order for them to collect the key from guard house right?

    i think the commitee have to come out with the resident card/access ASAP, then we can lock the door at the guard house there, whoever want to come in Pearl Garden need to show their resident card, else call to the speed dial to verify their identity.


  12. Hi MCs,

    Kindly update on the CCTV security access card progress. Thanks very much.


  13. Hi Ed,

    Right on the spot. We really need the access card asap. Maybe we can get Mr.Lee Kam Heng to comment on this issue.

  14. These kids are from Block A. They are not outsiders.

  15. Lim,

    Thanks for the info. My daughters told me so the other day. Thanks again.

  16. To Ed, MC or Jimmy,

    Are you suggesting that I cannot invite my friends (outsiders) for a Squash game or a swim with me?


  17. Cat,

    I think it is permitted if accompanied by the resident. Check with GE Tan...I seldom invite friends and relatives over...kinda selfish..LOL

  18. hi Cat,

    Can, we can invite friends and relatives here for squash, swimming or others with the conditions they know the tenants in PG here. what i mean is some outsiders they maybe just come themselves and swim, then go back after that, so the guard house there must control. If everyone also can come in and swim, then PG swimming pool will be like public swimming pool already, we pay maintenance fee to maintain the pool for them to swim. So this is what I concern, sorry that i didn't elaborate more in the first place, thanks for the reminder Cat :)


  19. Hi Jimmy,

    Today (Saturday), I saw there are cars which park under the tree beside the road of PG, and my main poin is i saw "Saman" from MPPP on top of the windscreen there, it stated "Meletak Kereta Sewenang-wenangny", so i think we have to put this at notice board and remind PG resident about this, tell them cannot park there, else will get summon from MPPP.

    thanks Ed

  20. Hi Ed,

    Thanks very much for the info.