Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Clamp the Cars!!!

Cars are parked everywhere, near the curbs and entrances at Pearl Garden. Some "hazard light" cars supposed to be "just a while parking only" also parked the whole day. Don't talk about "overnight" cars. Don't even know who these people are, must be some drunkards who could not even drive to their own parking lots.

All these "illegal parking" like many people say (those who parked the cars properly at the appropriate parking lots) is a bloody nuisance.

Not only it invites traffic congestions but also possible mishap between vehicles and children.

So, please la, those who park their cars "merata rata" ones, don't be lazy, park at your own space. So, I am inviting residents in Pearl Garden to post on views about these "illegal parking".

Should the management adopt clamping those cars which are parked illegally?


  1. Clamp them!! especially those cars parking near the entrance at Pearl Garden (those cars owners have NO BRAIN at all). Yesterday night, there was one black coloured car parked at the entrance and blocking cars from entering causing those going out great danger as the view was blocked by this car.
    Clamp them!!Clamp them!!Clamp them!!Clamp them!!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Looks like you are more upset than me..LOL. Yes, kids always like to lurk around the cars and sometimes they just walk or run out without warning. Accident of such could happen, and when it happens who is to be blamed. Well, I tell you la, sure the parents blame the driver, but lets not forget who is initially responsible, the ones who park their cars illegally. Hidden views can kill....

  3. Hi Jimmy,

    I assume you suggest the clamping to be done for cars parked near the curbs and entrances at Pearl Garden only.
    1.Can the MC, you or me instruct our Management to do that?
    2.If yes, on what basis that we can propose to the Management that a car should be clamped?
    3.Does our management have the legality or right to do so for those parked at the curbs of the main road in front of PG? Irrespective of whether the car belongs to the resident or outsider.
    4.What about those parked inside PG's compound that is not at their respective bay and also at the service road?
    5.How many clamps do we required? Who is paying for it?
    6.The Management people will be on 24hours duty or the Guards is taking over after office hours?

    We have to view each “violation” case by case.
    If due to an emergency and the car is clamped then I foresee a lot of animosity. How the Management is going to determine that before clamping?
    I would suggest a thorough study is carried out before implementation. In the meantime, chill it.

    Hi Anonymous,

    How would you feel if one day your car is clamped? Don't be too sure.....


  4. Hi Cat,

    Just wanted share this with everyone.

    I have a friend who just shifted into a new apartment (not PG)and due to being new in that premises, he parked at the wrong level. He then went to overseas for 1 week. Imagine how mad the rightful owner was. If I were him, I would have probably smash the windscreen...LOL. But my friend was lucky, the rightful owner was very understanding.

    The car was clamped immediately after the management received the complaint from the rightful car park owner and confirmed the "offence". My poor friend had to pay RM 50.00 x 7 days for this honest mistake, but was let off with a small fine by the management and of course he had to apologize to the owner with 2 boxes of chocolates. And to unlock the clamp, you need to get the management office to do it. You know la, management office works until 5:00pm. If you don't see them by then, wait until tomorrow lah..they don't care because that was the rule.

    You see, if you set the rules and inform residents the importance of obeying these rules, things will be less sticky. But still it will be sticky no matter what, Ya I know, some of these offenders are like hooligans and some looked like "tai koh tai" LOL, who dare to talk to them, even the guards are afraid of them. So, this again, has to do with the way the guards implement the rules and they have to go the extra mile to make sure that it was the last resort to clamp the car.

    Try going to E Park and try to talk you way into the condo, you will be stopped no matter what! If you want to drive your car into the condo to visit a friend, the owner MUST come down to the guard house, sign you in, then you are permitted to drive in and park at the VISITORS car park, not anywhere you well like. Inconvenient what?? Owner MUST come down to sign you in wor??? But the rule said so that the residents must do this. If not, your visitors cannot come in, period!

    The problem with "listening" to every other "excuses" to park at the curb, entrance, areas where no one is supposed to park, will bring us back to what we have today.

    Well, lets make this discussion healthy so that we can find a conclusion to this illegal parking issue...really appreciate Cat and Anonymous's comments...

    BTW, can Anonymous identify yourself?


  5. Since you are so adherence to rules,i believed you should be staying in double or tripple storey landed property. Well, god is so fair that he sends you as an angel to guide all those idiots who simply park their cars.

  6. Have two of those in Kl though..LOL

  7. Hello Everyone,
    First of all, I would suggest that those who posted your comments please identify yourself, at least with some reference. It can be cat or dog, no offend please. otherwise, we would be unable to give comments to the many anonymoussss.

    Illegal parking has been the biggest challenge to the mgt. Illegal parking is a results of either illegal entry where outsiders or residents who have more cars than parking lots; and lazy drivers.

    I have been the bad guy instructing security to stop illegal entry until one nite, a professional came to my unit and wanted to fight me. Many of these idiots,hooligans any names you may call them; are well educated. But as one of annonymous said has NO BRAIN.

    Coming to the clamping, it is not an easy solution. The mgt can be sued for Rm5mil if you don't do it right. There are drivers who reported to Polis when his car is sticked with no parking notice.

    Anyway, the MC is fully aware of this problem and we are working on it, starting from the security card access system, quality of our security and have also engaged a lawyer to set up necessary by-laws.

    Any residents who are keen to help please contact MC/mgt. We also received photos of illegally parked cars. Maybe we can shame the drivers by giving them prominent publicity on the notice boards. What do think?


  8. Why not move back to KL then...

  9. No immediately plans as yet, work obligations and the pay is better and more fringes in Penang...less traffic, less haze, less hectic...etc...and moreover, units are rented out.

  10. Jimmy, I posted the first comment. The rest posted as Anonymous are not from me.
    Actually what I meant is referred to those cars parking at the immediate entrance at the service road. Hope this will clear up.
    For those who think parking at this juntion is justified please park at the nearest police station and try your luck.


  11. Hi Lim,

    Thanks for the info. I think MPPP did issue summons before to those cars parked outside the service road. Parking at the curb is not wise, I sometimes see bus kilang and school buses using the curb to get more space to U Turn.

  12. Hi LT,

    Nice to have you back. So sorry that you have to go thru that kind trauma, being a MC is not easy, I guess and I would not want to put myself in your shoes.

    So, the by laws must be formed to eliminate such incidents. Lets not drag it too long.

  13. May I suggest the mgmt to write to the gov. department concerned to draw a double yellow lines along the curb or to put up sign post to remind drivers not to park there? Is that possible? PG can foots the bill if excuse from the gov. is "no $$$$".
    As for the cars parking along the main road, that should be ok, should not call in the MPPP to summond them but not for those parking along the curb.


  14. Hi Jimmy,

    I do not condone those that park in a hazard manner that endanger others especially at the entrance to PG from the main road. Here, I agree with Lim.
    Rest assured I am not one of those, I am all for safety first.

    My opinion is that we need to look at the bigger picture and cover the grey areas as well instead of just a snap short on things and a parochial view before implementation. We do not want to make a debacle out of it, right?
    However, I know that opinion is like an asshole, everybody has one….LOL.

    We are not infallible and also cannot solve problems by just rambling, ranting and spewing verbal diarrhea yokel way. Can you agree? I agree that all of you can disagree with me.

    * a professional came to my unit and wanted to fight me*

    Hi LT,

    Did you take up the challenge? If not, why don’t you? ...rotflol

    Cat (with claws).….lol

  15. Total agreement with you on looking into this matter seriously with the pros and cons weighted evenly.

    Since the management is looking into it, lets give them time, but just don't drag too long... lots of frustration here.

    *Jimmy pats Cat on the head*

  16. *meowing...*lol

    Hi Jimmy,

    Can we ensure that MC check with all the Residents and confirm that they agree to this proposal before implementation?
    Whatever is being decided ensure on safety and security ONLY and that it must not in any way inconvenience the Residents and not from a self-centred view point.
    Some people may not like other people to decide for them. I am one of those.(*without apology*)
    Another thing, when are we going to repair the car washing bay surface and provide coverage with lighting to accommodate anytime and all time washing?
    When are we going to upgrade the Gym equipment?
    These are not done because people who decides for PG residents and decides how to spend our $$$ thought it is not important??? or we are not in the MC and our words carry no weight?


  17. and all these while i thought that PG's mgmt dont even care about that though i did wrote official complain to them before. I notice that last time there was a old Civic PEH XXXX always park at block B the whole day until some fella wrote some nasty words in the lift (which is wrong also) and for a moment the Civic didnt simply park. But you know, Malaysian style, when it cool off, the car appeared again at the same spot. Now adays i still see that car simply park and some "new-comer" join in the club. One particular is the Toyota Rav4 PFS XXXX that parks at block B the whole day, which makes me think whether this fella has a parking lot in PG or not or this onwer just dont care. Maybe by taking their photos and place it at "strategics" spot

  18. Cat,

    You know la, when MC call for EGM or meeting, look at the response, less than 50 people attended the CCTV security meeting (and we are talking about burglary issues). The MC have no choice but to decide based on eligible votes. Some residents scream murder when certain resolution was passed and know how to complain only. I don't think the GE Tan or MC wants to decide without the full support of the residents, and I don't think they dare....

  19. Jimmy,

    ya lor..most of the time it's like that ma.
    Anyway, I still think that we need to conduct a survey before implementation.
    If the "clamping" is just for those vehicles that park at the entrance from the main road to PG then I think is OK.(It's only my opinion, anyone can disagree).
    Nice having a dialogue with you.


  20. Hey Cat,

    I took some photos on the car wash area, yup you are right, one big pot hole. I am going to put up a post on it. Thanks pal...

  21. Cat & others,

    Service Road & the entrance belong to MPPP & MC has no authority over it. On the problems of parking at entrance, we did placed big rocks & flower pots to prevent those NO BRAIN drivers. You know they came down to move the rocks and squeezeeeee in their little peroda cars. Some knock & break the flower pots. MC cannot tahan to keep buying pots.

    On suggestions of getting Polis or MPPP to take action, there was one incident where one driver park just outside at school gate. The headmistress was so furious that she called Polis. All cars parked along the main road kena bakua. So if we take action, many residents will kena. If we don't we MC also kena! How-lah, you tell me. LT

  22. Hi LT,

    Curious to know what happened later when the brainless guy wanted to fight with you.
    Did you call the police and ask him to fight with the police?

  23. *on the lighter side of things*

    Hi Anonymous,

    You seem to like getting police to be involved in most things. Are you sure you are not from PDRM?
    I can understand as we Rakyat are paying for their services through our tax $$ but they cannot protect us
    24/7, 365 as they are now having their hands full busy protecting us from those wearing black and lighting up candles…lol.(I think our pal Jimmy can understand this better and in a better position to comment…lol)

    Moreover, the person (don’t know whether a he or she) wanted to fight LT (don’t know whether a he or she) and not the police. This is a personal thing..ma. Say, if you challenge me to “arm-wrestling” do you expect me to tell you to go wrestle with the police??? Come on la…LT mentioned the person is a professional wor… (wonder how does LT knows)so…????

    Cat (with black fur…ooops!!!)Get the drift?? ...lolrotf now.

  24. Hi Cat,

    Just came back from the candle vigil at Kampung Buah Pala....this time SBs (special branch) were there taking photos of NGOs and members of the public. Actually, no one to arrest la...all very calm...I think the SBs too were enjoying the free food there nasi beriani and fresh milk...

    Will be uploading the video soon.

  25. Hi Jimmy,

    You are there to support the vigil or to report the news??


  26. *respect* (clap...clap....clap....)

    Hi Jimmy,

    Did you found out who is behind Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Pulau Pinang Bhd and Nusmetro Ventures (P) Sdn Bhd?
    Suspected any foul play in the transfer of the land from the state to the cooperative in March 2008?

    We have kicked out and must now keep out the corrupted and self-serving parasites of the gravy train regime from Penang forever.

    What say you?


  27. Hi Cat,

    Here is the video I produced.


    I think it will answer all your questions. Enjoy.

  28. Second_Opinion21 June 2009 at 08:30

    To me, it is o.k. even we implement this Clamping System inside PG. If you really have to park at the illegal parking area due to emergency, just communicate to Guard or turn on the emergency signal. When you are emergency, I believe people is willing to help you.

    On the other hand, I think there are a few questions that each of the residents in PG should answer:
    (a) Why you would like to stay in PG?
    (b) When you move in, you already know,
    (i) how many parking lot you have?
    (ii) how far is the parking lot from your unit?
    (c) When you do illegal parking and create you own convenient, does it create inconvenient to others?

    To me (when I make the decision to buy), the asnwer for (a) is very simple:
    I like the environment in PG (clean, quite and classy). Lift is in good shape. No parking problem, like the one in N-Park or E-Park.

    So, don't "spoil" PG image.

  29. Agreeable or not, when I say:-

    Emergency cases - 10%
    Malas-ness (laziness) cases - 90%

    That's the breakdown of those cars parked "illegally" within PG's compound.

  30. Second_Opinion22 June 2009 at 09:15

    Fully agree.

  31. Cat & all,

    U ask how I know who was that guy. He had many encounters with our Security & mgt staff. Our boys sent him to see me because he is a tough nut. I was not surprise becos he waited for me the whole nite while we were having meeting in Reading Room. I expected him. Anyway, he stopped bringing in his 2nd car after my stern warning to him. I told him that I don't even have the privilege & have to park my 3rd car outside. Why should I approve him?


  32. hi all,

    I fully support the suggestion of the clamping system. I hope this system can be implemented ASAP outside and inside PG compound.

    Being a resident in PG, the parking is a simple ground rule that every one of us must follow, besides maintaining PG's cleanliness, developing harmony neighborhood...

    But sometime it is really frustrated to see those NO BRAINERs (I even call them PTC – Poh Tac Chek) constantly violating the rule with no body business. You may find they are even feeling proud of themselves after parking at the good spot regardless they are inside the yellow box of next to Block A or B. To them, pasting the sticker on windscreen will not change their behavior because they are so use to it, perhaps we need to have this clamping rule & fine to manage them.

    I support LT proposal of revealing illegal parked cars photo on the notice board, especially for car # ‘PFS-7500 – silver Toyota Rev 4’ from Block B level 12 unit 8, ‘PGK-524 – light green Volvo S40’ from Block B level 12, “PFA-4047 – silver Proton Waja’ from Block A and ‘KBJ-3630 - Nissan Terrano’ who parked the car at the corner of Block C. (no point for me to hide the car number as they are really stubborn and so-called educated. Shame on them!!!)

    As previously suggested to Jimmy & LT on interim solution prior to clamping system, it is advice to empower our security to call those illegal parked car owner to remove the car if it was parked > 30mins. The security can either instructs them by call them via phone or visit them to their respective council #.
    The security also can give warning to those blacklisted car owners when they are entering the gate. It is a tedious job, but somehow we have to do that to attract attention.

    If we are keen to implement the clamping system, the R&R must be set clear to everyone.
    1. Parking at loading & unloading bay is limited to 30 mins.
    2. No parking at the yellow box.
    3. Avoid miss used of double signal light (or emergency light) that miss-lead security guard to think that the car was just parked for temporary basis, but indeed which will more than 2 hrs.
    4. etc...

    I should end here...

    Thanks, ed

  33. Hi Ed,

    I am kinda interested to see what rulings the MCs have drafted out since it has been discussed prior to this hot blog post.

  34. Clamp it! Clamp it!! Clamp it!!!
    and post the car plate number over here, and merata-rata....

  35. PFS-7500 is most stupid.