Sunday, 21 June 2009

Penangites Breathing Ashes

CJ Jimmy Leow asked hikers at Youth Park, Penang what they think about the haze "season" which was set upon them again by the open burning from neighbouring country. It seems to be a yearly affair since the 90's, will we ever see a stop to this irresponsible act from the related parties. Or are we going to continue to choke on ashes year after year..


  1. Hi Jimmy,

    Same old, same old.
    Putting natural causes aside, open burning is the cheapest method to clear land by big corporation irrespective of the damaging ramification it will caused. When money talks, bullshit walks!!!! Period!!!
    Long story short, we cannot expect the “majority” of the people there (just like here) from the poor education system to have a "first world" mentality, after years and years under a corrupted governing system.

    Nothing is gonna change. It will only change on the day when cows can climb trees and pigs can fly….lol


  2. Ya ya ya, we have the monsoon seasons and it is a bad publicity to tourism, and the "smart ones' turned it into Monsoon Cup and it attracts $$$ to the east coast and the money ends in those "smart ones' pockets.
    Now, haze is becoming a yearly affair, I am sure the "smart ones" in the gov. will come out with "Malaysia haze festival" and who knows, they might get a bigger paycheck this time.
    If I am not wrong , I read that the burnings are the result from the Malaysia GLCs in Indonesia, that is why the M'sia gov. can not and will not take any actions to stop the burnings at the source.
    Ironically, the "great' action the gov. taken so far is to ban open burning by the rakyat.
    Smokers fore warmed, if the haze situation deteriorates, you may not even enjoy you simple pleassure any more, unless of course, the 'haze festival" plan is on, then they need you smokers out there to contribute to the haze effect to generate $$$$$$ for them ....................


  3. Hi Lim,

    Right on the spot. Malaysian burning the forest in Indonesia, get the land, make the profit and pass the shitty haze back to Malaysians. Malaysia Boleh!

  4. Hi Lim and Jimmy,

    Love your comments,kawan
    I rest my case.
    *double sigh...*