Saturday, 27 June 2009

MPPP Slaps Summons At PG Car Owners

Today, I received information from Ed that MPPP has started their rounds of summons again. This time around, many cars parked at the main road were issued a ticket. And I don't think any of the car owners will argue with MPPP as it is an illegal parking summon, you park at the wrong place, you get the summon. My point is, no one can say or argue, it is an emergency or any other excuses because it is the LAW.

To avoid this, please find a place opposite Pearl Garden, I believe there is a huge parking lot on the far left. It is just a walking distance.

Using this summons as a reference, MC can also draft a law about parking illegally inside PG too, with a lesser sting. Park at the wrong place, cars get clamped (plus a fine).


  1. Honestly, it's pretty dangerous to park along the road as you know, that's our main road and a lot of vehicles passing by.
    Although there is a big car park in walking distance, but i think these peoples are just lazy enough to walk.
    Good job to MPPP for giving them a lesson.

  2. Finally authority comes into picture. They should continue to come for more rounds. After all, after a week or so, things will be back to "normal".

  3. Hi TL,

    Spot on...soon they will throwing away the summons just like the sticker glued to their windscreen..sigh..

  4. Hi Jimmy,

    Aiya….there you go, kawan; the cat is out of the bag!!!
    When you say “not your doing”, people will think otherwise since you proposed the clamping rules and now people kena "bak kua".

    Sorry, too bad, now you (*and all those agree with your proposal*) have to anticipate that some “professional” will redesign your car’s paint work like what Vincent had or challenge you to a match like what LT experienced…lol


  5. Cat,

    Ai ya...should have kept my mouth shut, now "pua kang" liow....LOL

    *Jimmy putting up a cage around his car, just in case*