Sunday, 6 December 2009

MC and GE Tan sleeping on the job...

Several residents had a meeting with the chairman of MC and GE Tan this Saturday 5th Dec 2009, pertaining to their formal complaints. We were shocked to know that GE Tan did NOT submit the formal complaints to the committee during their monthly meetings.
Gan claimed that the complaints filed by some of residents were not highlighted and therefore no action was taken. The formal complaint file was about 4 inches thick, which bring us to the question,"What the hell is going on?"
MC requested residents to file formal complaints via "proper" channel and yet no one reads and acts on those compliants???? So, it was all for fun? What's going on? I thought they have their Thursday night meetings and yet did not discuss about residents' complaints?
At that point of time during the meeting with Gan (chairman), some of us knew that he will tai chi his way out by pushing the blame to GE Tan. I pity the poor new guy from GE Tan, kena kiri, kanan,depan, belakang and center...
Frankly, I pity Gan too, he was "abandoned" by his committee, except for his old faithful, LT Yeoh...I told Gan that he should also bring in the security MC too since there were so many complaints about security, but I guess he chickened out.
Gan said that all the formal complaints which were highlighted were completely new to him. Some of the complaints were dated September, October and November 2009.
One of the residents, Koay, had prepared a long list of complaints extracted from Pearl Garden, My Home blog and wanted Gan to clarify but he refused as he does not believe what was discussed and the comments in the blog.
Koay, therefore asked a few fundamental questions about the function of the MC. Gan requested him to email him the questions and he will get back to us soonest possible.
I have sent those questions to him on the 5th Dec 2009. They are as follows:-
As per your request in the meeting held this morning, here are thelist of questions which require clarification from you, MC and GE Tan.

1. What is the role of MC? How do you go about making decision forresidents or supporting residents as a representative?

2. What is MC's responsibilities (by portfolio, if possible).

3. What are the guidelines / procedures for the service providers suchas security, GE Tan, cleaners, etc...?

4. What are the basis or guidelines for deliberating residents' suggestions?

5. What are the basis or guidelines for ensuring compliance by service providers?

6. What are the basis or guidelines for considering projects for residents?

7. How do you deal with indisciplined and non-performing employees base on what type of basis and procedures?

8. What is the timel ine period set for service providers to settle a complaint?

9. Why are residents' complaints not looked into even though they have submitted the complaints officially to GE Tan?

10. Why is GE Tan so reluctant to present the complaints to you during your scheduled meetings?

11. What is the cause of this serious communication breakdown?

Subsequent to this, I added a few more questions which were brought up by the residents during the meeting. The questions were emailed to Gan on the 6th Dec 2009. The questions as indicated below:-

During the recent meeting, we wanted to know why the below items werenot published on the notice board.

1) Monthly Accounts & Balance Sheet with detail explanations on big spending amounts be put up on notice board.

2) Minutes of MC meeting with details of every complaints received, what actions taken and time-line for those unresolved.

I believe there were such reports and minutes during the previous administration, so why is it now not done? We need to have C. A. T.

I came to understand that PG is getting quotes for fabricating PGSignboard and I was told that there is no actual specification given. How can there be no specifications for a signboard of this size? Ihope you are not serious on issuing a PO worth RMXX,XXX with no specification attached.
By the way, do we really need this signboard??? But I would advise you to get the residents "approval" first (before) you go ahead with this project, by the way, it is their money too. Don't use it as if it is yours or MCs.

Lastly, since GE Tan did not provide most of the complaints to you during the monthly meetings, I believe it is your duty as the chairman to obtain all these complaints from GE Tan and discuss them immediately.
Please do not wait for the next scheduled meeting to dothis. You definitely need damage control and please reply to each and every complaint directly to the residents involved as required in the complaint form.


  1. Long list. Not completely lost though. MC should rank issues/complaints and clear one item at a time.

  2. Lets hope so...but the situation has even worsen with the poolside incident. Police was called in to disrupt a gathering because some one was drinking beer? I think PG's reputation is really going down the drain...

  3. Wow, PG become a polis state. Polis has nothing to do ah. Maybe we should lodge a complaint to the CPO of Penang asking if his men have nothing better to do to come to a private condo to kacau residents. Action should be taken against those who called the Polis. What say you?

  4. I think the police department should charge a fee for attending trivial cases such as this. If like that, how to catch snatch thieves and protect the public against robbers and extortionist???

  5. Hi Jimmy,

    When does the pool incident happen and what has happened. Who actually called the police? They have nothing much to do. Is there anything offensive?


  6. Abert,

    Go read my reply to the Break-in post. Don't you know we have a super powerfull Security Chief who can send the Polis using remote control. He is given special power to "protect" PG's residents by MC. He tell MC what to do instead of otherwise.