Saturday, 12 December 2009

Another break in at Block B

OMG!!!! Another break in? What is going on? We spend 150K for a up to date kind of CCTV security system and still there is break in? This is totally unacceptable. One should ask what is our security team is doing to solve this problem, I thought break ins would be a thing of the past, but it looks like it is here to stay, well at least for Pearl Garden...sigh..

I spoke to one of the guards who was patrolling, he told me, "Only a ring and a bottle of whiskey were missing", so by the looks of it, to the security team, it is just a small matter from his tone...typical!!! Maybe they will only be serious when there is a big case.....Give me a break!!!!!!!!


  1. Jimo, I thought u already move out... no?

  2. The management yet to alert other residents. An attempt to cover up the ineffeciency in Security. Previously GE Tan was quick to put up a notice. What an irresponsible act!

    Now 2 units in the same floor got break-in already. Can't the cctv record those unfamiliar faces. Look possible an inside job. Guards involved? There are some many new faces of them recently.

    Block B resident

  3. Yes, Cat, I have completely remove all my belongings to my new place...officially out of PG this I can still "kap siau" a little longer..LOL

    But based on the happenings in PG, I think some of the new "bloggers" will feed info to me and I will be their "voice" until further notice...

  4. There are possibilities, everyone is a suspect nowadays. It is sad to see this happen when PG has such a so called high tech CCTV system, but yet cannot deter such break ins from happening...

    Please remember, we need preventive which means that the system should stop an intruder from entering the unit, not after.

    So, to my personnel opinion, the CCTV security system is a failure if the the intruder or intruders are not caught....what a bloody waste of money and effort...finally which brings us to the performance of SASA security...

    Keep on putting a towel over the monitor more la...this is what happens...

  5. Jimmy,

    I am not the commentator who asked you the question.
    Seems like your name “Jimo” is catching on now….LOL.


  6. Jimmy,

    I agree with you on this bunch of useless guards. Some more the MC is going to spend our money to build a new & expensive guard house. Is the expensive guard house going to increase our security? Only idiots think so! You know who are they. KPC

  7. Cat,

    I thought you are the only one calling me Jimo...looks like more than one...LOL

  8. guess what... the security n the management have more concern on whether you are wearing the proper swimming attire in the swimming pool then taking care of the real security problem. I was approached by the security yesterday at the pool while having fun with my daughter. He said i'm not properly "dress" for the pool as my swimming trunks looks like the 3 quarter short and the best thing is they send 2 security guard to tell me that.
    So it seems like they are willing to sit at the pool to look at the swimmers to make sure that they are properly "dress" then to checking the security of the community.

  9. TL,

    That's their job because we have a canggih 150K CCTV security system which prevents...but wait, it is not so canggih now since there was a break in recently at Block B...

    Security guards, tolong roda kat condo and tangkap pencuri la...buang masa kat kolam renang buat apa...

  10. Oh man!! this is very sickening..
    what is the point of having the security around and yet, we keep hearing all this endless break-inssssss... Apa dah jadi??? The security team owe us a report and the actions they are going to take to rectify this.

    By the way, I suppose the unit's owner have to lodge a police report. Shouldn't we expect some investigation to be done by the police force?

    Another concerned PG resident

  11. I heard that the victim reported to the police after being advised to do so. You know la, some people just want to keep a low profile on matters like this.

    Such break ins must be reported even though the lost of small...We need records and so does the police...

  12. TL,

    You are lucky. The security did not send a car load of Polis carrying M16 to threaten you to leave the pool. An unlucky family in A block was treated by security by the poolside. Do you know dipping your legs into the pool is also an offence in PG after 9pm. You will be told to go leave the poolside to your house if you don't want to sleep in Polis lockup. So, please wake up and exercise your right. Security can make your living very miserable. What can you do?

    Friend of victimized family

  13. To hear about another break in is really a sad thing, but I do have to say we as residents also have to look at cases like these with some perspective.

    I personally never thought of the CCTV system as a solution to the break-ins, it was more like a deterrent. No electronic overlord is ever smarter than the human mind, and I believe if the human mind is determined to commit such an act, it will happen.

    The best line of defence against this is a proactive security team, and of course, awareness. I hope the victim did his part to secure his unit as well by ensuring his unit did not appear to be a "sitting duck" or an "invitation" as nowadays a rudimentary padlock on the lobe is an easy proposition for a thief.

    I hope security and management do treat this case seriously, as a break-in is still a break-in no matter what was lost. However I personally feel that it's too early to say that the system or security is completely to blame just yet, but if this keeps happening, there would be no more silver lining left for them.

  14. Jimmy, sad you are move out from PG.
    CCTV not a full solution, but I hope CCTV able to 'catch' the bastard.
    pool side, better have clear guideline. that's not security guard rule, they are other thing to do. Again, did not happen to me, if not I still screw him/them.


  15. TT,

    Nice to hear from you again. I have not followed thru about the break in. I guess no one has caught the culprit yet looking at what you have written.

    Some say that we should give the CCTV system a chance and not condemn it for this break in. I have the opinion that MC should look into what is lacking in the system, not give it a chance.

    You see, there is no difference if you are living in a 3rd class condo or PG now, break ins still happens...the sad thing is PG spent 150K...sigh

  16. OMG...I just visited a unit and plan to buy one there...seems like I have to think twice...