Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Viva Las Vegas.........

Can you imagine such neon lights or sign board for PG? I am sure it will light up the sky and probably blind a few people and cause quite a lot of accidents because it is going to be so distracting for drivers passing by.

Ok la, we have a stone sign near the guard house indicating Pearl Garden, people say solid like a rock, good foundation (which is very good) and it was probably free of charge (the rock that is) but of course cannot compare to the neon lights like the ones in Las Vegas. But good enough, right?

Those casinos, hotels and amusement parks have huge budget ma...I think it will cost the organization a few million dollars just to build and up keep those in the video.

Can one imagine the day, just one fine day, a nut case wants to put up a sign board like those in Las Vegas for Pearl Garden ah? I personally felt that it is going to be so so out of place, and I cannot imagine the cost of it...RM 25,000 or more? Worth it ah?

If PG has the "extra money", better use it wisely, like repairing the fences along the school compound, repair the tennis court, upgrade the gym equipments, repair the gutter pipes, install water filters for all blocks, build a visitors car park etc.....

Just my 2 cents.....


  1. wow... thinking of making PG a night club or hawker center huh? is it the BRILLIANT idea from from our MC??? congratulation to those who come out with the idea, because they relly make this as the joke of ending 2009...

    why don't they put up the running light on each block to decorate them become christmas trees??? build up the big LED arrow indicator infront of PG to indicate the entrance & exit???

    why don;t build the sign board like KFC in front of PG??? more attraction marrr... and make a note at the bottom of the sign board... "idea by a "STUPID IDIOT""...

    damn, cannot tahan the joke...

    PG will become entertainment world very soon...

    thanks, ad

  2. The management can't be serious! They really should get back to their senses. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the signage at the entrance. If this is their idea of thinking out of the box, they might as well put some pole dancers there and replace the parking barriers with women clad in hawaiian costumes. Give me a break!

  3. kakakaka... maybe security guard wearing santa claus costume is the next idea they will come out... more friendly marrr...

    merry christmas... :0


  4. Ad and Vincent,

    Feel “shiok” with your comments and Vincent I like the pole-dancing thingy but not the Hawaiian costumes thingy. I was thinking of something like bikini or nothing at all….LOL.

    Hmmmm….we can also turn this into another Disneyland type with super imposed MC images onto the respective cartoon characters, of course, must be with all the neon lights.
    We can then generously induced unsolicited migraine, sore eyes, nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances to those unfortunate souls who stupidly even throw a glance at PG…LOL.

    Or a better business idea… maybe we can turn PG into a “red light” area. We add the words “cat lives here” on the lighted signage. Well, then this must be a “cat house”. And if this is a “cat house”, there must be pussies and if there are pussies then there are relief services.
    We charge outsiders full price for a trick and give our MC a discount. We will tell the pussies to bonk theirs brains [if they have any] out till kingdom come and then nail their balls [if they have any] to the lighted signage for hanging out to dry….LOL