Thursday, 17 December 2009

A conspiracy in the making?

You probably noticed by now that the "familiar" cleaners are no where to be seen. That is because some smart ass called the Immigration Dept and hauled them all away. Yup, you guessed it right, most of our cleaners are illegals, it seems.

I also came to know from a reliable source that the "operasi" was originated from the break in case at Block B-11 recently. PG security suspected that the cleaners or one of the cleaners was involved and called in the immigration office.

Residents should ask for the identity of the culprit/s who broke into unit B-11-3 from the management or some innocent person will be jailed or deported.

Someone was relating to me that you can get rewards for blowing the whistle on these foreigners who do not have permits to work in Malaysia. If this is what it is, then the "kam sau chi" (golden finger = whistle blower) is going to be rich.

One may just ponder if this is a plot to "eliminate" a witness or witnesses. Who knows, a cleaner or cleaners may have seen someone breaking into the unit. A conspiracy in the making? You be the judge.....

I wanted to end this post with a "Merry Christmas" but it doesn't seem right when you have this kind of case over our heads, what so merry about it.....

Here is a write up by one of the residents,

Dear Friends,
It is a real sad day for all PGites. 6 of our cleaners (4 female & 2 male) were arrested by Immigration Enforcement Officers. Somebody reported to the authorities that there are many "orang asing" working illegally in PG. The report included precised details of numbers of workers. The authority was here two days ago to investigate and gather info from certain party.
While cleaners arrested for working without a proper permit (yet to verify) but most of them had worked for PG for a long time. They left their countries to come here to earn an honest living doing the jobs that locals are not willing to do. Yet, there is this bastard who goes and reported them. For financial gain? Informer is rewarded for tipping off the authority. I'm not sure. Enforcement chief was saying that they have to take action because someone reported otherwise how would they know of the orang asing in PG.
Now let's think about their condition. They were taken hand-cuffed in their working attire after almost a day's work. I'm not sure if they will be given some food for dinner. They will have to wear their clothings on their back until they are released (if any). Tomorrow is a public holiday followed by Sat & Sun. They would easily be there for 4 nights. If their boss cannot produce some document or do "something" then they will be sent to detention camp awaiting deportation. They could be there for months if not years. I believe many of you have read the reports by int'l human right groups in internet of Malaysia's detention camps' horror stories.
Just put yourself into the situations of their next of kin. Many are married with children. What type of suffering they have to endure now? Anxiety, separation, financial losses if compound fine/other settlement amounts.
By the way, the boss of the cleaners went in together with them, accompanied by his dearest wife. As of 9.30pm they are all still inside. The boss is a gentleman who took the responsibility to come to PG to be arrested as employer. Otherwise, GE Tan's staff Mr Tan or even the MC will be arrested because the workers are found within PG premise. At the moment, Ah Siong and his sister-in-law are doing everything they can to secure the release of all.


  1. I may be wrong but I tend to believe it is the security guys who infomed the immigration people. They are not able to solve the break-ins and try to create a diversion regarding the cleaners. So very disappointed with the security guys.

  2. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know.