Thursday, 19 March 2009

Residents feedbacks and JMC's replies compilation (Updated V7 / 8:55pm / 25 Mar 09)

  • I stayed in Block A and I have difficulty in watching our local channel such as TV1, TV3, NTV7, Channel 8 and etc. What happen here is sometimes very clear but lot of times very blur, can management check the antenna up there?

(Reply to Block A TV reception problem. Last week we just had a technician checked Block A & C's TV recption problems. We need specific unit # since problem is not rampant in any particular block. The type of problem reported is isolated to certain unit. If there is any problem with our MATV system, then all untis will be affected. This type of problem is normally from the booster or splitter at floor level or specific line error. Resident must be aware that if the fault is specific to only one unit, he will have to pay the cost involved as provided by Strata Title Act Schedule 3. In fact the problem to Block B was traced to the wall socket inside the unit. We are still working on Block C. I've recently rejected a quotation from Pensaga of RM8000+ for replacing whole system in Block C. That is not the way to run the maintenance. For block A, pls report to mgt office since we are working on the same subject.)

(Reception issue attended, A-10-2 / A-09-2)

  • Level C parking lot’s fluorecent light up there is not working. i believe it switches to “alternate light to be on” in the midnight, this method is fine, but some of the light is consecutive off several lights that make the parking lot very dark, please kindly check this too.

(Done, no more issue)
  • Probably a branch fell and damaged the fence along the jogging path. It has been there unattended for quite sometime now. Can the Pearl Garden maintenance section or JMC take charge to repair it as soon as possible? Thank you.
(Repaired by maintenance with full cooperation from JMC)
  • It is also very important that after the fun and all, the empty firework shells are collected and thrown away into the rubbish bins. We have to practice such simple common sense, don’t leave your rubbish for some else to pick up.
(JMC instructed cleaners to remove rubbish from the parking roof, thanks to JMC)
  • Better trim this tree before it collapses onto the roof of motorcycle parking area. I am afraid that the weight of the branches maybe too heavy for the roofing. Can the JMC or the gardener look into this? Thank you.
(Branches trimmed by the gardener, thanks to JMC, good job)
  • Can the management team setup a few parking lots for visitor/relative? For example, sometimes we have relative from outstation come to visit us for 1 or 2 days, then before they reach, we will go and register at either management office or security guard post so our relative from outstation able to park inside for 1 or 2 days when they are here?
(No answer)
  • Escalator in Block A” (the one with yellow bult inside. When the escalator passes “level 8″, it will have a “TICK” sound, please kindly check for safety purposes.
(Solved by lift company with the assistance of JMC)
  • On the parking issue, Pearl Garden inner road has served as an additional parking space for many years now and as more families occupying PG, space is rather limited at times. It is a hassle for many visitors to find a parking space, some may have to park their car across the road (near TYY or Aswing).Can we have a comment from the committee or management of PG on this matter?
(No answer)
  • Is that any plan to put up security camera in all public area? What is the technical challenge? What is the cost of doing so? Maintaining method ?
(No answer)
  • NEITHER THE PROPOSAL SOLVING THE PROBLEM. It has to be a building to provide 100-150 parking space.what is the possibility of extending the existing multistory car park to the land and move the field to the roof top of the car parkWhat is the cost like?
(The JMC have been working on this for quite a while. Our member Kam Heng spent much effort working on it. Briefly, We have covered all possibilities. The Jogging track field belong to District Office. We have written to them. The small patch beside the car wash belong to MPPP. We had worked with original architect/engineer, it is possible to convert car part roof top but amout is hugh, at least 150k depending on design. We have asked Pensaga to get quote on converting putting green and MPPP’s lot w/o cemmenting up the whole areas. If anyone has any proposal, please feel free to contact JMC or MC, after AGM.)
  • Is that any detail on the proposed?I would like to know if the JMC has any detail in written. Please provide more detail for discussion here..
(There are too much details involved in the study to create more car park space. As mentioned earlier, the JMB has given go ahead to seek quotations on “putting green” and MPPP lot. The roof-top conversion involved plan approval and need services of building consultants. There are several options ranging from 150k to 300/400k. There is up-front of professional cost of 15-20k feasibility study cost. This will be a sunk cost if we are unable to proceed for whatever reasons.On the security system, it is at tender committee stage with short listing done. It involves installing cameras all round, card access for bike, rooms/visitors plus PA system and panic buttons and many more. The exact details have not been firm up and still p&c to tender committee. Residents are encourage to attend AGM for more details. Any proposal will be most welcome especially those engineering experts.)
  • As we know AGM fall on this Friday morning, which lot of people are working, can’t this meeting been held in Saturday morning? Because more people will be able to attend if it is so.
(JMC managed to postpone the AGM to a weekend date)
  • I don't have comment regarding this but I have a complain to Block B as I can hear someone blasting the speaker in midnight almost everyday. It's good that if you could help to start a topic on this as I am not sure which floor it is coming from. Appreciate that.
(Advice given.)
  • Can the committee explain why the amount of Sinking Fund shown in the account is only 732k? Refer notice board. It is just 2000 x 366. What happened to the interest for past 10 years?
  • Just to add another comment to the question of Sinking Fund. Building and Common Property ( Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 (Act 663) Section IV sub-sections 22 and 24 call for setting up two separate funds for Building Maintenance Fund and Sinking Fund. Using simple calculation, the Sinking Fund should have increased to RM1032.6k if at interest rate of 3.5% p.a. It is important to ensure that interests earned are accounted for and reported together with Sinking Fund.
  • Can JMB management explain why the audited account is not distributed to all residents like other condo. Do JMB expect residents to stand in front of notice board to check the accounts. It is ridiculous. I propose to reject the accounts unless we are given a copy and are given sufficient time to go through them. Block A owner.
  • It was minuted in JMC meeting dated 19 Jul 2008 that Sinking Fund together with interest earned to date be put into a separate account.
(I wish to refer to meeting minutes of JMC meeting 3/2008 held on 19 Jul 08 item 7.0 that the portion of FD for Sinking Fund be transferred back to its account with interest gain up to date.  This topic was raised by myself because the BPCA 2007 stated that 2 separate funds must be maintained.)

(If you read the balance sheet, there is another line item called Building Maintenance Fund, which total ~2million. The interest and monthly earnings go into that fund. The ‘sinking fund’ of 732k is the original sinking fund.)

(The auditor can always trace it back to past annual reports to figure out all interests earned over the years. The question is how we treat the interest…whether to use them for maintenance or keep them in the sinking fund. Typically other condo uses the interest earned to subsidize maintenance/upgrade projects.)

(I contacted the auditor about the figure.  I was later informed that the amout was Rm 1mil+ before a reclassifiation was done. I further the auditor shouldn't they audit the account according to Strat Titile Act & BCPA and not Company Act.  The auditor admitted so & agreed that interest earned from Sinking Fund should be added together as part of it.  It is the same treatment in Finance/Accounting standard.  I do not understand why Ms Teh is silence on this issue.)
  • Can we have MPPP to trim down those branches to eliminate the danger of falling branches? Maybe our MC and GE Tan & Associates can initiate this? 
(JMC to follow up with MPPP or JKR, will provide estimated date soon.)
  • Well, this is done by one of this leaflet "postman" who just put in the leaflets from various companies into our letter boxes, they don't care if you need it or not, their main objective is to ensure that every letter box has all the various leaflets. Sometimes, they come twice a day!!!!
(No answer)
  • Squash court flooring slippery (court no. 1)
(Rectified, players satisfied with contractor's job)
  • Lift roof panel broken / not installed
(Fixed, quick job, thanks JMC)
  • Smell of a dead animal at carpark level B.
(Cleaners sent to investigate by JMC, found no dead animal, smell gone, thank you)


  1. Block A TV reception attended to. Arranged technician to check A-10-2.

    Level C m/s carpark lighting timer fixed within the week after the post. Is it still happening?


  2. Instructed cleaner to check m/s carpark for smell of dead animal. Found nothing. Please contact mgt office so action can be taken to remove dead animal, if any.


  3. LT,

    This morning, the smell vanished. It is possible that a car went over a dead animal and probably the owner has driven the car to work this morning. Hopefully when the car return this evening, the smell is gone.

  4. Jimmy, CCTV Security details are up in notice boards. Please inform those who posted comments in this topic. LT

  5. Jimmy, lately I always saw a Produa Kelisa part just right opposite of our guard house. I believe that areas should be consider a NO PARKING area, and I do talk to the security guard Kanan, and understand that is his car that park there. And he is very rude on replying me that, that is not Pearl Garden areas, he can park as he like. And I did call up his manager Mr. Wong to share about this. Unfortunately Kanan does not really care about what had being complain. He still park his car there. I just would like to request the security company to relocate this particular security guard Kanan from on duty at Pearl Garden, since he cannot perform his duty as a security guard, we have service road at the back, he can park the car just like most of us which no parking lot inside Pearl Garden. Rather the park at gate enterance, will sometime some cars need to make U turn after dropping someone, it make inconvience from those who want to make U turn.

  6. Hi,

    I will send this message to one of the MCs via email and will get back to you on this ASAP. Thanks for the feed back.