Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Crazy Neighbour Pours Sugar In Mail Box

Luckily, we do not have such crazy incidents at Pearl Garden, I found this video clip and would like to share with you guys. This happened in Singapore and a neighbour took revenge on this tenant by pouring sugar in her mail box. How childish!!

Stomper : Daphne says she caught her neighbour on film, pouring sugar into her letterbox. The neighbour has been claiming that her unit is too noisy, and this is not his first disruptive act, she says. 

Daphne recounts: 

"I have a neighbour, Mr A, living directly below my unit. "Every now and then, he will complain that my unit is too noisy. "My family and I are not at home most of the time and he claims that we drag the chairs and cause sleepless nights for him. 

"I have to wake up at 5a.m everyday, thus late nights are out for me (except weekends). 

"The sound caused by dragging of chairs is by our neighbours, but it could be from other levels - sound travels so it does not necessarily mean we are the culprit. "Anyway, Mr A started venting his anger on us by throwing eggs and sand at my doorstep. 

"The first time round, we did not catch anyone in the act. "The second time, we caught him in the act and he admitted that he's the culprit, even for the first act. Subsequently, the vandalising act stopped. "Sometime in December 2008, we found sugar in our letterbox. "Almost everyday, we are able to find fine sugar in our letterbox. 

"We would check our mailbox in the morning, and it would be empty, but in the evening, there's sugar in it. 

"We suspected Mr A, and decided to test him out. "We placed a sweet into his letterbox and that same evening, we found that same sweet in our letterbox. 

"We ambushed and caught him in the act on video. We made a report to the police but the police wasn't able to give much advice. 

"Recently, we found notes being pasted at our lift level as well as the letterbox area. "Attached is a video of him being caught putting sugar in the letterbox." 

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