Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Danger of Falling Branches

Now that is raining these days, trees are getting greener and provides good shades for the cars below. This is located at the inner lane of Pearl Garden. Just bear in mind that the branches may not be able to take the weight of the rain and the storms that may come in the evenings. 

Can we have MPPP to trim down those branches to eliminate the danger of falling branches? Maybe our MC and GE Tan & Associates can initiate this?  


  1. Jimmy, I posted a comment on 13th nite but not shown here. Anyway, let me repeat it. MPPP came n sweep the service road upon our complaint but we need to contact the landscapping dept to trim the trees. Just hold. We will follow up again. LT

  2. Fantastic....

    I know sometimes, the local council takes some time to react, but thanks very much for your update.

  3. Hi LT,

    Since you are looking into the trees outside, many it is also wise to check out those tree near the "Datuk Kong". They looked heavy too.

  4. No too good news. MPPP is handling over the responsibility of cutting tree to JKR. They are in transition now till Mar end. MPPP want us to contact JKR only in Apr. So, have to be longer wait-lah. LT

  5. Noted. So, looks like we need to be patience for a little bit more. I will try to seek some help from the state government to expedite this. Maybe we can write to the ADUN of Bayan Baru too.

  6. LT,

    You can try the ADUN of Bayan Lepas, YB. Tuan Syed Amerruddin Bin Dato' Syed Ahmad (DJN, PJK, AMN)

    No. 14, Tingkat Satu,
    Tingkat Teluk Kumbar 3,
    Taman Teluk Kumbar,
    Teluk Kumbar,
    11920 Bayan Lepas,
    Pulau Pinang.