Monday, 16 March 2009

Pearl Garden 1st AGM : 21 March 2009

With the Pearl Garden 1st AGM around the corner, there are several interesting matters that residents need to know, here are some important ones that we would like to highlight:-

  1. There are only 197 unit owners who have registered for the strata titles.  Only these owners are allowed to vote in the AGM. They can also nominate, be nominated to stand for election of council members provided they had paid up maintenances fee until Feb 2009. We believe many residents are unaware of this ruling.
  2. With the formation of Managment Committee, we can choose our own name. If not, MPPP will issued us the standard name such as Badan Pengurusan Pearl Garden.  We can also design our own logo for all stationery.  
Maybe after the AGM, the new Management Committee can hold a contest for logo design open to residents of Pearl Garden only.


  1. Can the committee explain why the amount of Sinking Fund shown in the account is only 732k? Refer notice board. It is just 2000 x 366. What happened to the interest for past 10 years?

  2. Hmmm, good question, can the JMC answer this or do we need to ask this in the AGM?