Saturday, 2 May 2009

PG Residents Approves RM 165K for CCTV Security

The resolution to install the new CCTV to improve the security and the expansion of the guard post has been passed. The cost will be approximately RM 165,000.00


  1. Sorry, missed this issue earlier. Is it an open tender or negotiated tender? Can we see the tender quotation from the vendors if it is a open tender? who makes the decision to select and approve the vendor?


  2. Hi Cat,

    I have a feeling that they have narrowed down some suppliers, but I will ask the related people to answer your questions.

  3. it is an open tender than ran for some time last year. The tender process was closed on Nov 30th, 2008. The tender was put on the notice board for some time last year. rgds, Lee Kam Heng.

  4. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the update. By the way, have you and MC selected the contractor? And when is the project starting? By the way, I have also add on a grill door to my unit for security purposes, just to be safe.


  5. Transferred from email.

    To add on, JMB (Joint Management Body) formed a tender committee and made the decision on the short-list, last year.

    We cannot openly share the complete details of all the quotations from all the suppliers yet, since the next phase of supplier selection is on-going (down-select from 3 to 1).

    A new CCTV committee has been formed by Management Corporation (MC). The notice is out on notice board.

    Whoever interested to contribute to the CCTV process, please drop a note to Management Office.

    Lee Kam Heng