Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dogs, Dog Owners, Dog Toes and Kuih Kodoks

I just received a comment from a resident that a dog owner uses her / his dog's paw (toes) to push the lift button. Ah ya, what has is world come to, press the lift button with your own finger also cannot ah? And not sure if the dog's paw got sh*t (will refer "sh*t" as "kuih kodok" from now onwards) or not. Actually dogs and other domestic pets are best not kept in the apartments or small space. Moreover, they need space to run and be in their natural habitat. I am not a pet doctor nor I can talk to animals, but ask yourself if you want to be kept this way, as a dog. If I was a dog, I would run around in a big compound, bark at the slightest thing and probably chase cars (not sure why they do that, but it looked like fun).

I would be miserable confined in a 1200 square foot space, with nothing to bark at, even if I bark, I have to bark softly because my master taught me so. When I need to "go", my "kuih kodok" will probably be deposited on a old newspaper, near the toilet or in the toilet. My master will probably be mad if I did it during lunch or dinner time. So, you see, put yourselves in your pet's shoes, I mean paws, and try to feel how they feel.

Well, some residents may say, "Ah ya Jimmy, you don't know la, you don't have a dog". Well, dear residents, you are very wrong, we had two Rottweilers in our house in KL. So, I lebih kurang can advise lah.

So far, there is not much barking heard during the night or dog "kuih kodok" littering the compound of Pearl Garden, but yet it is best that dog owners adhere to hygienic practise such as removing their pet's "kuih kodok" as soon as they do their stuff, especially when their pets do it on the field or pavement.

In the early mornings and late in the night, I noticed stray dogs wandering near the swimming pool. Not sure where they come from, but we all need to be cautious when confronting them. Nevertheless, they will just run away the second they see us. But cautious.

Anyway, an information which was extracted from PG Residents' Guide Book about keeping pets as stated below:-

Residents' Guide Book (page 25) states under sub-heading of:-
"Considerate" - "No pets are allowed/permitted in any parts of the premises that it can cause nuisance to other owners."


  1. Transferred from AGM Meeting.

    I had also seen a dog owner using her dog's toe to press the lift button in Block A instead of using her finger. I refrained myself to educate her how to press a lift button using my finger.


  2. It's not just dog.
    A resident in Block B adopting a lot of birds.
    The bird chirps are still fine, the most annoying part is the smell from his/her balcony because the owner failed to maintain cleanliness of the place where he/she keeps the birds.

  3. Birds too? What PG turning into a zoo? LOL. Ok jokes a side, bird droppings are very acidic. Try not washing away bird droppings on your car, if not attended, the paint job will incur a permanent stain.

    Why don't you let GE Tan handle this issue with the bird neighbour? Make a compliant, anyway it's GE Tan's job to handle such issues...

  4. Yes, I did. I have made a complaint.

  5. Good, I have to remind myself to follow up this case with GE Tan...

  6. I heard about the complaint during this morning's MC meeting. The birds' problems are from unit below, right. Do go after GE Tan for action. The normal procedure is to send a warning letter to unit owner. LT

  7. LT,

    Complaint has been filed with GE Tan already. Lets hope GE Tan does his job.

  8. Jimmy,
    What kind of crap is this???? What do you mean "Lets hope GE Tan does his job". They are paid to do the job and must do it, why must we hope? bullocks!!!

  9. Yes, I sokong 100%. If they don't do the job, we pour bird shits on their heads.

  10. Hi Jimmy,

    Are the shitty birds still around at Block B? or the shit has hit GE Tan's head other then the fan. If not Anonymous must be pissed off by now.ROTFLOL...


  11. Hi Cat,

    Since there was no bird shit on Lee or Lim the last time I saw them, I guess the case was solved, but I will try to find out more from the MC. LOL