Sunday, 17 May 2009

Black Paints On Residents' Cars

What kind of person do we have lurking around the service road? What a stupid prank!


  1. yeah what a bunch of idiots... I had my car badly scratched after a new paint job even INSIDE the premises, in the multi-storey... I wonder who these scum are.

  2. Vincent,

    Do make a report to GE Tan, because all this act of vandalism must not be tolerated. Can I take a photo of the scratches?

  3. Transferred from email


    I suggest Vincent to log a complain form at the management office. Let the management handle this and the data also help us to plan out where the cctv should be install.

    KS Gan

  4. Thanks Jimmy,

    I'll talk to management. Just to note, my car was scratched sometime early last year, I guess these vandals have been around for some time. If you do want to take the pics, no worries, they're still on my car, or perhaps i can take a picture of it and send them to you?

  5. Hi Vincent,

    Yes, that's a good idea. Send the file to me at and I will load it up for all to see.