Sunday, 26 April 2009

Pearl Garden CCTV EGM 25 Apr 2009


  1. Hi Jimmy,

    I’m glad you have the blog talk about update & issue related to Pearl Garden.
    I’m resident of Pearl Garden, staying at Block B. Honestly, I love to stay here and I wish this condo can continue to maintain in good continue.

    I would like to bring to your attention on following and hope you can help to bring this attention to the management:

    1. Pet in Pearl Garden
    a. There are still residents rearing dogs & often bring them to play ground at night for ‘poo-poo’. I noticed 1 of the resident staying at Block B, level 3. I’m not particular of them rearing dogs, but seeing those irresponsible residents who just allow their dogs shitting at the play-ground without collecting the waste (shit), I can’t take it…

    b. Obviously, this will cause inconvenience/pollution to us especially the kids who play at the play-ground every morning or evening.

    c. If not mistaken, there was an action items for committee team back in Jan-Feb’09 to identify and issue the warning letter to the residents who rear dogs. But, I believe it has not been implemented effectively.

    2. Illegal parking inside Pearl Garden compound / load-unload area
    a. Besides the conventional way of sticking the ‘No Parking Warning’ letter on the windscreen, can the management & security team do a more proactive way to minimize the illegal parking?

    b. I noticed car owner like “PFA-4047 – silver Proton Waja’ from Block A, ‘PGK-524 – light green Volvo S40’ from Block B level 12, ‘PFS-7500 – silver Toyota Rev 4’ from Block B level 12 unit 8 always violate the rule. I’m even sad to see there is no serious action taken from management or security guard attending to these car owners.
    Here are the observation and I think you can monitor it by yourself:
    - PFS-7500: Guy owner – Motorola worker. The most stubborn or inconsiderate one I ever met. Who always park his car at the roadside of Block B and sometime even on the ‘yellow box’ every weekend from morning to evening. Surprisingly, no action from security guard. Looks like he got parking privilege huh.
    - PGK-524: Guy owner, park his car on the road side next to Block A motocycle parking and in front of Block A every weekend for half a day or so.
    You know, I even think of creating a notice that stick on his car, or lift or notice board to punish this fellow. Anyhow, I didn’t manage to do so…
    - PFA-4047: Lady owner, parking her car in front of Block A from morning till morning almost everyday. I did observe someone put the flower pot on top of her car to punish her.

    c. I realized that putting sticker will not create awareness, but somehow it creates more rubbish to Pearl Garden. Why? The stubborn car owner will just tear off the letter and throw on the floor or stick on the signboard or wall.

    d. Suggestion: Perhaps management / security guard should think of record the vehicle number with respect to their unit number, which I think they already have it. To punish the stubbornness car owner, the security have right to call the car owner (go up to the unit number or via phone) & instruct them to remove the car if the car was for > 2hrs.
    I believe the security guard has authority to do so.

    In addition, blacklist those vehicles by putting attention to them when they entering to Pearl Garden.

    3. Cleanliness Campaign
    a. Perhaps it is good to organize a cleanliness process in Pearl Garden in quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis.
    I believe this will help to build harmony neighborhood.

    b. I’m just sick of people keep throwing rubbish on the floor, life, Pos box, corridor, swimming pool, play-ground, car park, walking path…

    c. I’m sick of people keep writing dirty words, phone number inside the lift…

    Being a resident of Pearl Garden, I willing to help and I’m helping indirectly.
    But, I wish these messages can pass down to the rest.


  2. Hi there,

    You are one of the most honest and observant about all the above. I totally agree with you about the lack of control in the part of GE Tan to "educate" those "offenders". I have seen other condos (less elegant than Pearl Garden) used tire clamps to deter such illegal parking. Many of us are educated people, mostly reasonable people with a sound mind to understand and adhere to the simple rules and regulations. But like you observed, it seems not.

    As for the pet owners, I have checked and it seems we cannot implement a "No Pet" regulation. If it is starting to "disturb" other neighbours, residents can lodge a complain to the management office.

    I will bring this up to MC and hope that they will do something about all this. Oh, one more thing, there are a lot of cars without the entry card are being let in too.

    Look, you and I are residents here and we have the right to voice out all these issues to make Pearl Garden a better and safer place to stay.

  3. Transferred from email.


    It would be good if we can get in touch with this resident and recruite him/her into Security/Parking sub-committee.


  4. Hi Resident,

    Looks like MC would very much want you to be in the Security / Parking sub committee. If you are interested, please let me know how we can contact you.

    Jimmy & Yeoh

  5. hi Jimmy & LT,

    thanks for the offering and sorry for the late reply.
    may i know the activity or scope as sub-commitee?
    i have to help my wife to take care of my kids... i'll see what is my contribution as sub-committee as i don;t want to waste the effort from the team because of my potential inconsistent attendance.

    thanks, ad