Friday, 10 April 2009

Chewing gum in lift at Block A.

I don't know what to uncivilized person jammed a chewing gum into the lift button panel. How inconsiderate can one be? If it was a kid, than I have to blame the parents for not teaching them well. Can we check from the CCTV who was the culprit?

Can maintenance section remove that piece of gum immediately? It is one of the block A lifts.


  1. Great about this blog
    This is really inconsiderate as I'm a blog A resident too
    There seems to be many inconsiderate people
    Did anyone hear about break-in happened in Block C?
    I heard 2 units was broken into
    Can we have some info? What is the progress on security?

  2. Yes, inconsiderate and ruthless too. There was one time my wife saw a kid splitting from the 2nd floor to some passer-by below. I believe the kid was a visitor. We shouted at him and he run away.

    Break in at Block C? No, I have no idea but I will ask JMC if they have any news. And, yes, we need to push for better security measures. Please ask more residents to comment about this matter here. Thanks.

  3. I just got some information from a committee member LT Yeoh indicating that there were 3 cases of break in within a time frame of 2 weeks. Luckily, no one was hurt.

    So far, the committee has questioned the security company but I think it is not enough. It seems in a few weeks time, the committee will discuss the approval of CCTV security system in which I believe can at least deter such happenings. And moreover, the CCTV security system was discussed way back in 2008 and until now there is still no action.

    How many more break ins before the committee gives the go ahead to install the CCTV and enhance the security system? Pearl Garden Committee, please remember such break ins may happen to your unit or worst still your family may be hurt too.

    So, as a resident I would like to express my concerns over the recent break ins. I believe the other residents here will feel the same way too. I therefore request immediate action without delay.

  4. Copy from email.

    Yeoh / Leow,

    We may want to educate our resident to call management office for any cleaning work or maintenance support they need. We have 1 full time handy man to carry out the work and need to request through management office by phone or hard written request. As much as possible we like resident to feel their needs have been attended too timely. Unlike previous they need to escalated to committee to get thing done.

    I also notice the same lift having finger print mark on the door.

    KS Gan

  5. Copy from email


    FYI. The dome camera in the lift is just a dummy. Anyway, there is no recorded camera in PG presently. Will get cleaner to remove the chewing gum.


  6. Gan,

    That's for sure as we are not the only ones living here and to add on to this, the cleaners and workers of Pearl Garden should also
    highlight such issues and clear up the mess without the residents complains. I am sure they do their rounds and probably noticed the problems, but just ignore them.

    By the way, any conclusion to the enhancement of security measures to eliminate break ins? Hope to get your input on this matter.


  7. Copy from email.


    We are calling EGM on April-25 to get the approval from residents for ~RM150K CCTV security system and guard house expansion.

    The expansion is needed to house CCTV and also waiting bay for children waiting for school bus.

    For immediate action, 1 security guard each will station at Block A and Block C effective April-13. I have not checked if this is done.


  8. Transferred from email.

    Dear All,

    Anyway, cleaning done by lift technician today. The roof top water cover put back. We are looking at if we can by-pass the tank since it's cover will come off again because of strong wind and the cover being out of shape. I've checked on the young neem plant. There are many such plants in Bukit Dumbar park. They take a long time to grow big. Yes it will be a nuisance but maybe in 10 years time. I'm talking to our gardener on how best to use the tree.


  9. Hi LT,

    Many thanks for looking into these issues so quickly.


  10. Hi Everybody:

    Thanks you very much for looking into the water tank and tree matter

    Break-in matter, if the security is good and familiar with the person that is staying here, it might be better

    Thanks again


  11. Hi RW,

    Thanks for your comments.

    A few years back, I remembered in one write up in a newspaper that such condo break ins were done by "residents" who lived within the community. So, that is why it is so hard to trace the culprits. Just imagine, after stealing , they just go back to their own unit.

    It is best to be cautious even with the security guards, as they know when you leave and when you come back too. You can never know.

  12. Hi ,
    I am a resident from Block B and the buttons of the lifts are always stuck on a certain floor.
    I didn't know what was the cause of this until I saw one of the resident of that floor stabbed the button with car keys to get to that floor.
    I have seen this person doing this for a couple of times.

    I am timid to actually tell the person off however with a lift cctv , perhaps that person will be more considerate.

  13. Hi resident from Block B,

    Yes, I have personally told one off before. When I asked him why, he said his pointing finger was too large for the lift button panel hole. LOL.

    But I believe it is just an excuse. People are just plain lazy.....sigh