Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Car Caught Fire At Pearl Garden, 21 Apr 2009

A car caught fire at the ground floor parking lot on the 21st April 2009. It caught everyone by surprise, especially the security guards who were not well versed with fire fighting routine. As you can see in the video, the water pressure from one of the fire hoses was weak. 

This incident showed how ill equipped we are when such incident happens. I have another clip which indicated that even the water hydrant was not working well. The management must frequently check and improve the fire fighting facilities at all times. 

We were lucky to have some brave residents who did whatever necessary to put out the fire at no time.


  1. Transferred from email.


    Need some clarifications/info from you on the fire hose low pressure and low vol of CO2 from the fire extinguisher. I asked mgt office to call in the fire fighting equip service contractor, Pentronic to investigate the two problems but received report back from mgt office that both were operating normal. I informed mgt office that both GE Tan & Pentronic must give us a written report on the fire incident and suggest future preventive actions. May need your help to verify or explain more clearly on both short-comings.


  2. Hi Yeoh,

    I think the video speaks for itself. In the video you have the security guard who testified that the water pressure was low at one hose. The guard, some residents, GE Tan personnel and I, used that hose and agreed that the water pressure at that time was lousy.

    Whereas, the other hose which was next to the burning car was considered better. And as you can find in the video, even when the firemen was using the low pressure hose (this is to strike out the possibilities that we do not know how to use the fire hose), the water emitted was like a garden sprinkler. Is there a fault on the nozzle?

    The contractor can say whatever they want, but the facts are the facts. What is the point of saying everything is ok when there is nothing to prove? The fact is that there was a fire and there are discrepancies and defects in the fire fighting system. I do not know which, but it is the job of the contractor to rectify the problems.

    If you need me to help, please let me know, but I recommend you to show the video to the contractor first. I can be very unpleasant if the contractor or GE Tan try to say that "everything is ok or nothing is wrong" kind of shit.

    If they do not do anything positively, I will personally see to it that the press and the local authorities get this video and this will be blown up into an intense investigations from the Fire Department.