Sunday, 26 April 2009

Fire Hydrant low pressure complaint

I have written to PINTAS to complain about the weak water pressure from one of the fire hydrants in Pearl Garden. During the fire incident the other day (car caught fire), my daughter took this video and it showed that there was no pressure. This is the feedback which I sent to PINTAS this morning.

"The fire hydrant in the video has weak water pressure. A car caught fire and there was no water pressure to rescue as you can see in the video. Who is responsible for this issue? PBA? Please assist to solve this problem." 

The location is :-

Pearl Garden
Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim,
11900 Penang.

Complaint Number : 0904-2764 (dated 27 Apr 2009)


  1. Transferred from email.

    Hi All,

    I checked the pressure after EGM and confirmed the pressure is still low. Ah Song told me later of the day that Pentronic had rectified the low pressure issue and it was due to foreign material get stuck at the nozzle.

    Have not confirm this yet. Will get Lim to check and confirm again myself.

    KS Gan

  2. Transferred from email.

    Dear All,

    Thanks for the info. By the way, I am writing to PINTAS to complain about the fire hydrant low pressure issue at my other blog today.

    I believe this is a huge problem if a fire breaks out at any of the apartments. By the way, during the car fire the other day, there was
    no alarm. Is that normal with all that smoke?


  3. Transferred from email

    Dear All,

    I don't think smoke detector is installed in m/s car park. Some time ago I insisted that Pentronic test the smoke detectors in various key locations but none was from there when I personally saw to the testing.

    On the car fire incident, it was in fact that our personnel was not trained in EHS procedure. I spoke to our guys the day after the fire and asked why no one broke the "break glass" at the pillar. That action would have triggered the alarm to bring attn to more people to come to help or take other actions. I hope they will remember. This is the first step for any one who spotted a fire to break the "break glass" before any other action.


  4. Transferred from email


    We need to form a team in this coming monthly meeting to draft out SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Pearl Garden.


  5. Hi Gan,

    Good idea for the SOP.

    By the way, have you received the report and countermeasures from GE Tan and Pentronic about the low water pressure issue during the fire incident?

    And what did PBA say about the fire hydrant?


  6. Transferred from email.

    Dear All,

    I spoke to Lim/Yeap about the fire incident this morning. I told Yeap that his report on the fire which was put on notice board, was a good attempt. However, It is not right for GE Tan to say everything is ok. I told them the report which I asked from GE Tan & Pentronic is for 3 things; what happends, why (the cause) and how to prevent future re-occurance. The report is to be addressed to MC and GE Tan shouldn't pin up without prior approval by MC Chairman/Secretary. I told them to remove it since there are many factual errors.

    I asked that GE Tan should follow up with Pentronic on my earlier request that a training on fire/emergency drill especially on various types fire extinguisher, CO2, foam, powder etc and using fire hydrant. I hope this time GE Tan will follow through.


  7. Dear MC members / GE Tan,

    The fire hydrant low pressure issue was highlighted in the Pearl Garden, My Home blog on the 26 April 2009, showing the lack of pressure when the hydrant was turned on by the fireman. Has there been any reply from related agencies about this problem? Has GE Tan made a report? Kindly update the residents of this issue immediately.

    And kindly provide us a report with regards the test report done by the fire equipment contractor. The car fire incident is a wake up call and we need to take this issue seriously.